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Amid the rich, luxuriously sexual hot bed of Las Vegas hides secrets, lies, mystery, and murder.

Tahlia Johnston is on the run from a horror she barely remembers, except for vague dreams about a man, a gun, running into darkness, and a stalker chasing her in her dreams and in real life, following her as she flees that awful deviant night. Then, at a gas station in the middle of nowhere, the most incredible looking man walks out of the door and into her life…

He's Vegas, an oozing package of masculine sexuality. A man who sends Tahlia's attraction meter off the rails. He's rough around the edges and ready for anything. Especially sexual. He has a past he'll be damned if he reveals as he's a killer with a list of problems and secrets to hide, and his list of problems soon grows longer…

In Diega Montiamo. Hotel casino owner and billionaire business man. He goes after what he wants and Tahlia is at the top of that list. He will stop at nothing to seduce her from the man who holds her gripped tightly in the palm of his lying, murderous hand. And he gets his chance, only to have her cruelly ripped from his grasp by Satan himself…

Carlos Santiago. The man who won't take NO for an answer. He wants Tahlia all for himself after seeing her sexual exploits with the men he despises. He wants to invade her body, her soul. To own her, rule her, make her his so desperately his manhood aches every time he sees her. He also wants revenge…

But there’s a cruel twist in store as an emotionally destroyed Diega and a battle scarred Vegas soon find out. And while hell does exist, eternity does not as evil reigns come to an explosive end.


PRICE: E-BOOK - $5.99

Have you ever dreamed of winning lotto? Dreamed about all the things you will do with those amazing, wonderful millions.

Tahlia Cameron does. Every day! Poring over her gratitude folder full of the things she wants to buy, and do, and have. It possesses all of her waking thoughts. So does a certain suave TV actor. Which TV star is she referring to? Michael Anthony! Star of the sexily suave TV naval drama she watches every week. Tahlia is convinced she will win millions in lotto, and when she does, she will move to L.A. and marry him. Then comes the day she receives a call. The call. The call that's about to change her life. For the rest of her life.

She’s won lotto. The woman from the lottery commission said so, and Tahlia's journey begins. She moves to L.A. and sets up her fashion and jewellery business, has serious run-ins with seriously bitchy celebs, one being the bitch (not the bane) of her existence, is stalked by a hot Italian stud from a hot TV crime drama, and saves a big wig TV network C.E.O., then his wife. And it all happens before she meets Michael. Good grief!

When she does meet him, she knows it's love, and is determined to make him hers. She did buy the house next door to him to do so after all. And it happens, but tragedy strikes at a huge network function, where she has to save Michael, and every actor, actress and C.E.O. from the network all while she's bleeding to death!!! And then open her company for business the following week!

Tahlia's life is now way too complicated as she battles her own anguished demons, life altering wounds and seriously depleted karma from the fallout. Everyone's calling her a hero, she sees herself as a killer, and the pain that follows is hell to deal with. But with the love of the man she finally snagged, she knows she can get through anything and gain her good karma back, especially with Michael and his son by her side. And then she receives a call. Another call. A call that's about to change her life. Again!

"Hello…Tahlia. This is Oprah Winfrey."


PRICE: E-BOOK - $5.99

Jewels Diva® has finally done it! She's finally had her book picked up by a UK publisher and is on her way to a ten day stay in London, England.

Arriving in London and completely overwhelmed by the sights and sounds, Jewels soon finds herself in the middle of a sticky situation. After meeting the Son of God, the gorgeous Sgt. Callum Stone, she becomes involved with a woman trying to commit suicide and homicide. A woman so determined to kill herself and her child she hits Jewels with her car and takes her into the murky depths of the Thames.

Jewels valiantly struggles to cope with her head wound after being smashed into the river wall and saves the woman and child…at her own expense. Her injuries are so horrific her pain filled, pill popping days start. From seeing her face for the first time and having conversations with Jack the Hammer who is going in her head 24/7, to having Callum see her wounds and the overwhelming heartache it brings her. She’s arrested at a party for assaulting two police officers, one of them Callum, and overdoses on her 450 pill stash and a bottle of vodka.

After nearly losing her again, Callum declares his love and whisks her away for a holiday where she starts to heal and deal with her issues. But new dreams plague her. Dreams of a big white spikey thing that means something bad is going to happen. Something really bad! Consenting to do a New Year’s Eve concert in the same club she was arrested in, Jewels has three days to get the show together and it goes off without a hitch. Until she sees that big white spikey thing directly across the river from the club and finally remembers what it means. Trouble!

There’s also trouble in the form of Michaelangelo Telltorro. The up and coming actor singer who has been telling tales about the passionate affair he and Jewels are having all over Europe. So she accepts an invitation to attend the awards ceremony Michaelangelo will be presenting at, all to humiliate and annihilate him. And she does it in grand style, with a video of him going out across the TV airwaves, and her blog and YouTube channel, to millions of people.

Jewels can finally relax, her adventures are over, she’s happy with Callum, she’s a multimillionaire and she’s finally going home.


PRICE: E-BOOK - $5.99

What do you get when you mix a warm tropical island, fifty gorgeously naked men and one seriously horny woman full of seriously bad issues together?

Pure Hell!

A reclusive Russian billionaire lives on her tropical island playground full of debauched sex and wild animalistic instinct. She’s happy where she is, doing what she’s doing, but her world is threatened by the one man who aims to destroy it all. Aims to destroy the one thing she holds dear and refuses to let go of.

Alex Carson is her assistant, manager of the island and keeper of all her secrets. She doesn’t like the sickly job of choosing men on a monthly basis for her mistress’ sex games and wants to leave the island and that way of life, but knows it will only happen when the most deadly of all secrets is revealed to those involved.

Chris Cameron is the hot hunky actor and, although he doesn’t know it, the only man who holds the key to that secret. Lured to the island under false pretences he fights his way back from the depths of hellish nightmares to face the reality and truth of that night long ago. He aims to go home, and plans to take Alex with him…as his wife.

Dimitri Yurogov is the Russian KGB-trained bodyguard of the reclusive billionaire and best friend to Alex Carson. He would and will do anything for both of the women in his life. Both of the women he loves. Even if it means murdering in their name. And murder is second nature to a man with such boundless talents.

Hell is what they’ve been living for the last seven years and when four worlds collide in the same place at the same time with the same secret… hell hath no fury like a horny rich woman scorned!


PRICE: E-BOOK - $4.99


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