Welcome to the insane world of L.J. Diva. A world full of exciting novels, refreshingly honest opinions and a woman who will set you straight on everything in her own way, whether you like it or not!
Lady Jewels is a fiery red blooded woman, man lover, good food eater, fighter till the death, and a very argumentative arguer who has worked hard at her online presence and writing career. She retains control over her content, covers, electronic, print, audio and foreign rights, and started her branding on January 1st 2009, debuting her then website
Publicity for this tech-savvy author included trade marking her name as part of her personal branding, and later gained a legal royal title to add to the uniqueness.
L.J. has the claim to fame of helping CSI: New York star, Carmine Giovinazzo, and his band Ceesau, with their website, with permission to brag from drummer, Michael Brasic. Read it here - CSI New York’s Carmine Giovinazzo’s Band
L.J. has kept her book connections far and wide with profiles and pages on each site which includes Wattpad, Goodreads, Smashwords, Amazon, Amazon Author Central just to name a few, plus sale pages on iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and countless others.
2011 saw her release two novels, the first was the comedy How I Won Lotto, Moved To L.A. & Married A Really Huge Tv Star! She wrote it in February 2008, ten months after Michael Weatherly’s visit to Australia and all the publicity it heralded. Hence the original title was, "How I Won Lotto, Moved To L.A. & Married Michael Weatherly!" She often wonders if she should have stuck with that title just for the fun of it.
The second release, a novel she’d written in 2010, was her third book, and a dramedy with no title in mind. Several revisions and some thinking came up with, Life and Death Adventures in London, as it seemed to fit the darkness of the story. And, like with Lotto, London has its fair share of celebrity acknowledgements and even features cameos from some of Britain’s biggest stars. Of course the story is purely fictional and quite a good read.
In 2012, L.J. released the first novel she’d written in 2006, a Jackie Collins’ style sex drama, The Road To Vegas. She found inspiration for her characters in NCIS star Michael Weatherly, and CSI New York stud Carmine Giovinazzo after seeing them in the June 2006 edition of America’s TV Guide. L.J. hopes it will lead to a sequel and prequel in the future if the characters play along.
In 2014, L.J. released her fourth novel, Her Secret Island that she wrote in 2013, using hunky Australian actor Conrad Coleby as inspiration and realised, from that story, that all of the main female characters from her books had split personalities, or “two sides” to them. Something she had not purposefully written though as her “muse” guides her through her writing and gives her the stories that are meant to be written.
L.J. has also co-released two non-fiction books Dream It, Think It, Write It, Publish It! An Australian Guide To All The Hard Parts No One Tells You About Self-Publishing a guide to self-publishing for struggling potential authors and their first time on the merry go round that is the indie literary world, and Why Positivity Can Be A Bad Thing!, a book about how bad positivity can actually be.
2016 marked the year L.J. started a story that just may never end. The Porn Star Brothers series. Starting with a trilogy of saucy, sexy novellas about three Australian born, Greek Island raised brothers who become the hottest porn stars in America, written to a timeline where, when one brother leaves the next brother’s story starts, and all three end with a fourth novella as the conclusion.
In 2018 Jewels will continue writing for the Porn Star Brothers series as many more books and short stories are in her head dying to get out. Books will be released every six months, but she does hope to do other things besides write. Like read her collection of Jackie Collins original print releases and watch some movies.


Contact email: LJD (at)

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