Things about me you might like to know that I will never tell!

I often relax on my very own island, yes, I do!

So let's put on some good music, grab some comfy pillows, a bowl of chocolate ice cream with hot fudge and M&Ms, a pitcher of Pepsi Max with ice and we'll start our deep and meaningful discussion into who is Lady Jewels Diva® shall we.

Many of you have asked, WHO THE HELL IS LADY JEWELS DIVA® now known as L.J. Diva because I gave myself an author name overhaul.

So here's the deal on ME!

I started this blog, joined Myspace, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Authonomy, Youtube, Everything Jackie Collins, Wattpad, Goodreads and God knows how many other websites as a way to enhance my online profile for the future (I've left many since, having culled and cleaned out), knowing full well I'd be a famous celebrity, tv host, radio presenter, social media commentator, singer, songwriter, dancer, director, producer, screenwriter, actress, author and private investigator....

Did I miss anything?

Oh ... and President of Australia!!!

I am a brilliant entrepreneur, fiery red blooded woman, man lover, good food eater, fighter till the death and very argumentative arguer!

I was married to the gorgeously gorgeous hunk-o-spunk Michael Weatherly, and had the Italian stallion Carmine Giovinazzo as my secret lover (which is why they are the inspiration for The Road To Vegas and How I Won Lotto). I love perving at celebs, listening to music, watching my fave tv shows and shopping for every girls fave things ... clothes and jewellery!

Fave TV - Love my Mikey's show, NCIS (but only when he was on it). Carmine's CSI New York (when it was on), plus many more. All music programs, Magnum PI, MacGyver (the original), Doctor Who, but only with David Tennant, he's pissin' hilarious! The boys from the original Top Gear UK.

Fave Books - Always Jackie Collins, I sneak Nancy Drews and Hardy Boys here and there (Parker Stevenson was my fave from the 70's tv series), and magazines, so I can keep up to date with all the latest beauty bits and bobs, I have to look my finest at all hours of the day and night.

Fave Food - Chocolate, Pizza, Chocolate, KFC, Chocolate, Icecream, Chocolate, hot chips with thick gravy poured all over. Did I say Chocolate?!?!

I am Lady Jewels Diva® baby!
a.k.a L.J. Diva!

So come one, come all, and join the rollercoaster ride!!!!

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