Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy 10th Blog Blogaversary Birthday to Me..... I'm Moving!!!!

That's right, this little old blog turned 10 today.

On January 1st, 2009, it started as Bitchfest! under the domain of jewelsdiva.com.au. Over the years, it has grown by name, A Bitchfest! Lovefest! to Lady Jewels Diva, to the same domain just last year of ladyjewelsdiva.com.

But now, with the brand spankin' new author site LJDiva.com being released late 2017, I have decided to cut and cull my social media just that little bit more, and have tidied up all of the labels here to be cleaner and leaner.

This blog is moving to my author website on Wordpress sometime this month.

After ten years, lots of love, and definitely LOTS of colour, we will be setting up our new home over at L.J. Diva

It's nothing new for authors to link up or migrate old Blogger blogs to their new Wordpress websites. Wordpress has it all over Blogger/Blogspot/Google who have not given bloggers the opportunity to be too much in control.

On Wordpress, you are in control of your website and how it looks, with millions of themes available to use, whereas Blogger doesn't give you much. Although I will miss my kiss background, my huge header space, my side bar (although you do get one on Wordpress) and all the wonderfully colourful stuff I've done with it, it's time to adultify myself and move my blog to my adult author website.

Blogger does, however, give you Blogroll, so I will be keeping this profile for now as this blog will be here for the next few months, giving an updated post so people know where I've gone. Hopefully you'll follow me over at my website and continue to post, or even on Tumblr where I send this blog to, same as Google+. If I remember, you can follow Wordpress blogs in Blogroll, so I won't be too hard to find. And I find it better to use than Bloglovin, although my blog is there as well for those on it.

However, when it comes to comments, I may not be providing many on yours. My apologies in advance, but with everything going on in my life (especially the last three years), with the way times have changed, the age I've gotten to, all of the books I need to write and have written, and having been doing this for ten years, I'm buggered. Literally! And I need to cut and cull as much as possible and that means no longer following blogs and commenting. 

It's nice taking December and January off without worrying about posting or leaving comments. Instagram and Facebook is where I find all of my info these days and see what's going on in the world, or there's Twitter and Pinterest. Feel free to follow me there instead if you don't want to follow a blog anymore, and I'll follow you back so we can keep commenting. But I've grown tired and worn out and I'll be 45 in May, so the time has come to slowly grind to a halt.

I'll see you on the website in February.

Cheers to ten years!

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