Friday, October 19, 2018

What I did on my last Writing Holiday for 2018

This is the last holiday for 2018, and yes, I did get a lot of writing done, as well as typing up. Here's what I did...

SATURDAY 29TH – finished off short stories

SUNDAY 30TH – finished off short stories

MONDAY 1ST – wrote a chapter of one of my kids’ larger stories

TUESDAY 2ND – wrote another chapter…

WEDNESDAY 3RD – wrote another two chapters and finished it off.

THURSDAY 4TH – shopping, library, did the rest of my taxes, watched Suicide Squad on tv.

FRIDAY 5TH – washing and paperwork during the day, Henry Cavill at night, oh, wait, make that watched Batman V Superman on tv.

SATURDAY 6TH – started typing up Bones of Wrath: Monsters, got 30 pages done.

SUNDAY 7TH – typed up the rest of Bones of Wrath: Monsters, 20 pages, and dealt with daylight savings

MONDAY 8TH – woke late due to daylight savings, ugh, ended up doing a bunch of paperwork

TUESDAY 9TH – started another kids’ story, first chap

WEDNESDAY 10TH – wrote two chapters

THURSDAY 11TH – shopping, library and chiro

FRIDAY 12TH – washing, dishes, JDS blog posts, last chapter of TKW story

SATURDAY 13TH – started typing up my kids’ stories

SUNDAY 14TH – as above

MONDAY 15TH – as above

TUESDAY 16TH – as above, and my sister came down

WEDNESDAY 17TH – wrote the final chapters

THURSDAY 18TH – shopping, library, got this blog post scheduled

FRIDAY 19TH – washing, pottered around

What did you guys get up to these last weeks?


  1. You have been so busy! Lots of writing in there.

    1. Absolutely, and it won't stop while I try and get next year's stories written up.


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