Friday, August 17, 2018

Social Media, the almighty cull, and changes are afoot!

Every year I do a cull of  my social media. I clear out people I don't follow anymore, blogs that have been left for dead, websites I no longer use.

Over on my style site, I blogged about the places I am now, you can check that out here.

Here at my blog, things might be changing.

I love Blogger, have since I started on it January 1, 2009, but times have changed, all of my original followers have moved on, and many have moved to WordPress.

Last year, I debuted my new author website, along with my book series website pornstarbrothers.comThere is no point me having a separate blog, even though an author I follow, Joe Konrath had a marvel whip him up a website that connected to his blog seamless while it was still on blogger. But I don't want to do that.

Even though the blog roll is incredibly useful, and I wish had one, I really cannot keep up with multiple sites, and slowly, everything is being culled and reeled in to a uniform structure.

This year alone Stumbleupon was bought and sold and became something else so that account went, I deleted my Photobucket account, my Skype account, my LinkedIn account, and even my Wattpad account.

But, I also have the Tumblr version of this blog that I set up in 2009/10, I have the YouTube channel I set up for this name, plus G+, which I don't really use but have been told it's a useful thing to have. So there are three more accounts that may or may not stay for the future.

I tried to go for the pentagon of social media. A web/blog, Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest under all of my names. That means, eventually moving this blog over to my WordPress website so I'm going to two places instead of three.

That also means, I may or may not get back to your blogs. I also use Bloglovin', but rarely go there. All of the blogs I follow are on my blog roll and I can't take that with me. So, regardless of how much I love my blog and the way it's laid out, and the decorations I've done to it, come the end of the year it may stop being used.

I'm hoping that since the website has it's own url that the blog will be seamlessly transferred over and will be able to also stay here at Blogger, that way, I can do a periodical post to let everyone know I've moved on, and still be able to use the blog roll to check up on you guys.

I don't know. I'm trying to come up with a way of making life easier for myself as there may come a day I no longer blog, and I know people start blogs left right and centre across multiple platforms and then never go back, but I don't want to just leave it. I want to leave it here so it can redirect people to my website for at least a year.

So, until the end of the year, at least, this blog will stay here. Come January, I'll decide if I stay or go, because it will be this blog's 10th birthday and I think that's an occasion to consider a move.

What have you guys decided about your blogs and websites over the years?

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