Friday, August 3, 2018

Facebook are showing ads here in Australia to get people back on board. Didn't know we'd all left.

Facebook has been showing ads here in Australia in the hope of gaining back their loyal followers. Telling us they’re getting back to their original values, and making it more family and relationship friendly compared to the business model they, repeat THEY, turned it into.

Everything that has happened is pretty much of their own making.

They are the ones that monetised everything. Making people pay for ads, giving businesses the leeway to claim top prize, making it all about how many fans, likers and followers you can get, all while making it tough cookies for the little people wanting to change their freaking Facebook page url.

They are the ones that brought Facebook to what it is.

Now, after the whole, let’s bring Facebook down because some UK hackers decided to use a third party app for illegal use, they are trying to get back all of the users they lost.

I’d love to know how many people actually left Facebook after the hacking scandal. I certainly didn’t. I doubt many businesses did, and I seriously doubt most people did.
If they want to get back to what they originally were about, then that’s going to piss a lot of people off because that means businesses, and public figures could suffer for it.

Personally, I don’t know why they don’t make it easy for us to use it. Why not give us a button that can change our newsfeed to personal, or public, in the sense that, if we just want to see and hear from family and friends, we can do so. If we just want to see from businesses and celebrities, we click the button the other way.

Give us a choice of what we want to see and do, not what YOU THINK we want to see and do as you’ve already done by monitoring our newsfeeds and making it so we only see what you want us to see and NOT WHAT WE WANT TO SEE.

It should be our own choice, since this mess is of their own making.

The ad we have is basically the UK one below, just with different people and wording, but it’s the same concept and I couldn’t find an Aussie one.

Have you guys been getting these ads?

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  1. I use it far less than I do G+ and Twitter.


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