Friday, August 31, 2018

Exciting times are here for self-publishers!

With the new Porn Star Brothers novel, Stefan: The New Generation, coming next month, I thought I'd do a quick post about the exciting new adventures in self-publishing.

First, Kobo have partnered with Walmart in America to sell e-books and they have an audio book subscription for $9.99 a month as well. This means we authors have one more place to sell our books in, woohoo! You'll find me under books and L.J. Diva.

Secondly, if anyone's been publishing under Amazon's CreateSpace, you would have been reading a tonne of rumours this year about CS merging with KDP's print division. 

Here and Here for just two articles on it.

Turns out, it's basically the same thing. I really don't know why they didn't just merge the two instead of inventing something else, and have all the hassles of merging, oi, especially when they'll be using the same printers in the same warehouse...

As it turns out, CS is merging basically as we speak. Which means, all of the Porn Star Brothers paperbacks which I was going to release on the 19th, may not be released. I have emailed CS, but due to the high rate of emails they will be getting, I'm not overly sure if any of it's going to happen this month. 


I am also releasing most of my books via Ingram Sparks so they will be available to order in stores hopefully on the 19th, so at least that's something. In fact, I'll be uploading them today and hopefully checking proofs next week and then putting them up for sale! 


And, the next e-book, Stefan: The New Generation, will be released on the 19th. The pre-sale date may be a little later as I'm still doing the last run through.

I'm also publishing via PublishDrive and Streetlib. It seems to take a while for the books to go through to each individual store, but hopefully by the end of September all of my books will be available on a wider platform and at stores such as Goolge Play, Playster and 24 Symbols.

For self-publishers, it may be trying times, but they are exciting times to find more and more places to sell your books on so you can get them out to the world!

As of next week, I'll be doing new book posts, showing covers and quotes from Stefan: The New Generation until the sale date of the 19th. After that, I'll be showing off the paperbacks. Yay!

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