Friday, July 27, 2018

What I did On My Second Writing Holiday for 2018

Saturday 7th – had a lie in, watched Niall Horan (former One Direction member and my current crush even though he’s actually young enough to be my son and why I didn’t crush on One Direction in the first place, because they were and are all too young. But puberty smashed into him real hard and made him as hot as fuck!) interviews on YouTube, started the updates for the paperback series Poems Of A Musical Flavour while listening to country music I used to line dance to. Yee Haw!

Sunday 8th, Monday 9th – as above, still doing Poems and trying not to get distracted by Niall. I’ve been listening to One Direction a lot this year, and have only recently gotten Zayn’s and Harry’s cds from the library. I’ve gone back to listening, in full, to Niall’s Flicker cd, and it’s damn good. I’m addicted. And he’s still as hot as fuck and so damn distracting…

Tuesday 10th – finished perfecting #teenblogger and it’s finally done. I hope.

Wednesday 11th – did stuff, can't remember.

Thursday 12th – shopping, library, usual, my sister came down. Trying to get over my Niall addiction.

Friday 13th – washing, dishes, faffed around online and did a couple of things, watched One Direction videos on YouTube.

Saturday 14th – Can’t remember what I did, but it would have been stuff.

Sunday 15th – started editing Porn Stars Love Never Dies. 

Monday 16th – continued above.

Tuesday 17th – started editing Porn Stars Forever, 1D as above.

Wednesday 18th – continued editing Forever, 1D as above.

Thursday 19th – shopping, library, the usual. Did some social media work online in the evening.

Friday 20th – did the washing and dishes, finished editing Forever, my sister came around, watched One Direction at San Siro twice in a row.

Saturday 21st – tried to get extra stuff done, like blog posts etc.

Sunday 22nd – got down to editing Porn Stars, Carlos and Pedro during the day, watched One Direction at night .

Monday 23rd - edited Porn Stars Tomas and Retribution, 1D as above.

Tuesday 24th - finished off porn stars interiors.

Wednesday 25th - finished Teenblogger and uploaded the interiors for Poems as well.

Thursday 26th - shopping, library, chiro, scheduled this post at 11 pm after completely forgetting about it and going to bed fuck One Direction...

Did I write that...

And who knows, with the way I’m going I might have a crush on someone completely different next writing holiday...

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