Friday, May 4, 2018

What and Who I did on my First Writing Holiday for 2018

A lot, just not what was to be expected. I expected to write T.K. Wrathbone stories, but just couldn't get my head into it thanks to Henry Cavill...

Saturday 14 –  I edited the interiors for all six Poems and redid them to my standards, plus did the Bones interiors ready to edit

Sunday 15 – continued the interiors

Monday 16 – started Bones #3 interior for corrections and typos

Tuesday 17 – had the lawn done and finished off Bones #3

Wednesday 18 – started Bones #2 for interior corrections and typos

Thursday 19 – shopping, library

Friday 20 – washing, finished off Bones #2

Saturday 21 – can’t remember what I did, probably more book stuff

Sunday 22 – as above

Monday 23 – tried to write, but it wasn't coming, thinking about watching Henry Cavill in The Man From U.N.C.L.E. later that night

Tuesday 24 – tried to write, but had Henry Cavill in my brain. Damn that man is fine. Redid my novellas and novels interiors instead

Wednesday 25 – again, Henry Cavill, finished off the omnibus edition of Poems

Thursday 26 – shopping, library, Henry Cavill, seriously, dude, stop invading my thoughts, I can't think...mmm...Henry Cavill...

Friday 27 – washing, blog posts scheduling, Henry Cavill...

Saturday 28 – writing, hopefully, stay away Henry Cavill...

Sunday 29 – ah, bugger it, I did Henry Cavill!

Just joking, but seriously, the man is damn fine, and for this hot-blooded single female, he is such a distraction...

Monday 30 - started writing the new T.K. Wrathbone story

Tuesday 1 may - kept writing T.K. Wrathbone

Wednesday 2 may - didn’t get to writing, but scheduled this blog post.

That's what I recently did on my first writing holiday for the year, a bit of story writing, lots of other writing, and editing, and formatting and Henry Cavill... 

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