Friday, March 23, 2018

Love Never Dies is now for sale at all leading online bookstores

The next instalment of L.J Diva’s Porn Star Brothers Series continues in Love Never Dies...

Love Never Dies is a powerful, heartbreakingly moving love story on the biggest scale ever.

The powerful story of two young men living through turbulent times, clinging to their love amidst the backdrop of New York in the ’70s and ’80s and the tragedy of gay love and the burgeoning HIV/AIDS epidemic. They fight to stay healthy while all of their family’s friends and co-workers die around them, and struggle to survive in a world of the gay plague and gay deaths.

Then there’s the beautiful story of the Stephanopoulos family and the love they have for each other. They come together and close ranks, desperate to keep their boys alive until their heartbreaking love story comes to its very bittersweet end…

Through all they are dealing with, can soulmates Tomas and Roger still find their true love story…till death do them part…

***These books contain swearing, lots of sex, and a plotline. They’re for the over 18s only, but we all know those younger ones will sneak a peek.

***In order of reading - Carlos, Pedro, Tomas, Retribution (or the Porn Star Brothers box set or collector’s edition paperback novel), Forever, Love Never Dies.

Dedicated, as always, to Jackie Collins. RIP Miss Jackie C.
And the three Stefanovic brothers from Australia.

Available NOW!!!!!!


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