Friday, November 24, 2017

2017 IN REVIEW! How Mercury ate Mars, shoved itself up Uranus, and then shit great big Mars Bars on me.

My year in review, oh what a year it has been.

January: started off hot and horrible as it does and I was working through the whole thing. Mum had doctor’s appointments and scans and I went on a low calorie shake diet and lost 6 kilos/14pounds/1stone in three weeks. Started getting some books done in paperback.

February: I came back to blogging under this name and another name as well. I lost 3 kilos/7pounds/.5stone for the month. Bought some blog templates for other websites, and a bunch of photos from Shutterstock for books which were full steam ahead.

March: I started releasing Poems of a Musical Flavour under my real name and was getting the paperbacks done. I released Retribution under this name and made tonnes of plans for the year. I think I also managed to buy myself some things.

April: The shit hit the fan in April. Our local phone company store treated me like absolute shit every time I went in. They were so incredibly unhelpful that I rang the company and they finally helped, paying that month’s phone bill and sorting out the mess their store had created. A second company, our Social Security, decided to screw with me and cut off part of my money as it was “in review”, and mum’s bank decided to screw with her.

By now, I was down 12kilos/28pounds/2stone. Went to see gyno for screwed up menstrual cycle, he changed my pills back to the ones he took me off in 2008.
Had books corrected.

May: Social Security cut my extras completely and I had to hurriedly re-arrange the publishing schedule for the year and do as much as I could towards it. It also meant most things had to be moved for later in the year but all of the Poems had to be finished. They’re still not, now, the covers need tweaks, but since I’m with a publishing company…more on that later… Had the current novel, Forever, edited. 

Bought a dress from eBay that never arrived and blogged about it over at Jewel Divas Style. Had to go after the postal company for a refund.

Went back to the gyno.

June: Mum had a visit to the cancer clinic, and I had a couple of doctor’s appointments. Joined Author’s Alliance and bought a bunch of domain names and a business name as I decided to set up a publishing house.

At this point I’ve left lots out. Mums had multiple appointments because the doctor, and the hospital, screwed her around with her breast screens, but I can’t keep up with which months.

July: Bought more web templates for certain websites and decided to move hosting companies because ANOTHER company was screwing me over. They pissed me around so badly, they left websites down and didn’t bother helping at all. Fuck them!

Joined Gsuite for all of my emails, posted my half yearly schedule, and my style site, Jewel Divas Style turned 8.

Had to delete Indesign because of the cost. They stuffed me around with the final payment too. Decided to trademark three names.

Had eye test done, apparently need glasses to make reading clearer! Found out I had a fibroid in my uterus.

August: Bought another web template, had books corrected (costing me a bundle over the years). Decided to buy more business names and domain names I’m up to…quite a few… and I changed my publishing house name. Started setting up the L.J. Diva and Porn Star Brothers websites.

Mum finally got in to the hospital for her fat legs and was told she may need them bandaged every day to get the swelling down. 

September: renewed my Sleuths and Norton subscriptions, and Jewel Divas business name. Decided to trademark a bunch of names for business. Way too many! Had gained weight so went back on diet and lost 3 kilos/7pounds/.5stone, and had hand x-rays.

October: bought a second-hand Macbook Pro from eBay and downloaded Vellum for doing my paperbacks which will save me massive amounts. The L.J. Diva and Porn Star Brothers websites were professionally finished and they went live.

Got the four paperback interiors done for the Porn Star Brothers novellas. Decided Vellum was not good enough for the overall look I wanted in paperback and went back to MS Word. Also decided to keep Poems, Bones, and #teenblogger professional looking with the book designer I use. Finished off another website. 

Found out I had osteoarthritis in my fingers as well as a gallstone, and that fibroid I was told was in my uterus, nope, ON my uterus and not causing the mega bitch bleeding I’ve been having.

Mum finally called the hospital for her leg appointment. Had a bunch of appointments, mum found out she had another cancer which was removed.

We also had a mass amount of tradies doing work, and our manager came for the yearly inspection. Still haven’t got my money from Social Security.

Got my tax done, waste of money, but I need to do it to keep my business number and I learned the hard way a few years back when I had to file four tax returns at a cost of over $800 and try and get my business number back. I’ve done it every year since.

Ended the month with more issues than when I started and posted about the new Porn Star Brothers website.

November: Revealed my new author website and posted book reviews on Valley of the Dolls and Lace. This is the last month of the year that I’ve been blogging, and hopefully December and January will be better. I’ve posted my writing schedule’s yearly update below. Most of the list has been done except for what’s left, and that will be done eventually over the next few months and into the new year.

Next year’s schedule is all ready to go, and who knows, maybe I’ll get a holiday over xmas and new year’s. Three days off here and there.


In February I told you of my writing plan for the year. Now it’s time for a full year catch up.

I’ve edited the plan to show what’s happened and what hasn’t so I’ve colour coded all of them. Green is for ‘done’, orange is for ‘in the process of’, red is for ‘not done yet’.

(1) Under Tiara King the two series I had planned to write have been waylaid for another year or two but…

- 1 - I did release the six book series, Poems Of A Musical Flavour, from March across e-book. The paperbacks have been mostly done and need tweaking as setting up my own publishing house came up, and along with the omnibus edition in e-book and paperback, will hopefully be out March 2018.

- 2 - I released two books in paperback, How To Be A Jewel Diva and Closet Confidential in May. I have decided to add to them in 2018 and will re-release under my own imprint.

- 3 - I haven’t got #teenblogger to Ellen DeGeneres yet, but it’s in the planning.

- 4 - I want to get my jewellery back into its own website but it’s on the plan, so we’ll see. Selling has been on hold during the year to save money and time. I'm still looking for templates that would suit the type of website look I want, but with everything else going on, this won’t happen for some time.

(2) Under T.K. Wrathbone

 - 1 - I released a paperback in March called Two Bone: Anthology 2 which is 2016’s stories in paperback.

- 2 - I got three stories written, typed up, edited, assessed, and out along with an anthology. Thank God I had already done the e-covers. All four were released late in the year.

- 3 - Will get the paperback version done professionally and it will be out in March 2018…I think.

(3) Under L.J. Diva

- 1 - I’ve started getting the first four Porn Stars books done in paperback plus an omnibus edition of all four and release them across September and October.
Didn’t quite happen! I only did the interiors myself late October, but the covers need to be done and they will be out next year. The omnibus e-book was released in September and the paperback version will be on sale in March 2018 along with the four novellas and the paperback of Forever, as well as the e-book of Love Never Dies.

- 2 - I typed up book #2 and had it edited, assessed, and a cover done for release in September 2017, it is called Forever. The paperback will be done for release in 2018.

- 3 - get books #3, #4, #5, #6 typed up along with any short stories if I have time. (so far, only #3 is typed up and being edited this month)

- 4 - Did the websites for the book series, plus an author one purely for books and they are live.

- 5 - Got family and business trees for the book series made up. The Stephanopoulos family tree is huge and keeps growing with every book, along with the business tree. I also have character lists and a family/book timeline typed up but that is an ongoing process. All are up on the Porn Star Brothers site now.

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