Friday, October 20, 2017

What I Did On The Last Writing Holiday Of The Year

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to type anything up, so no mega novel typed up yet. However, I did get a massive amount of stuff done.

Sat 30 Sep - Read through Her Secret Island and ran it through Grammarly for the new pb version I’ll be updating next year.

Sun 1 Oct - Read through Life and Death Adventures in London.

Mon 2 Oct - Ran Life and Death Adventures in London through Grammarly, did a bunch of stuff.

Tues 3 Oct - Read through How I Won Lotto, ran it through Grammarly.

Wed 4 Oct - took mum to doctor’s appointment, started reading Valley of the Dolls.

Thurs 5 Oct - shopping, library, chiro, bought second-hand Macbook Pro on eBay for 10% off.

Fri 6 Oct - washing, housework, paperwork.

Sat 7 Oct - Read through Road To Vegas.

Sun 8 Oct - finished reading through Road To Vegas.

Mon 9 Oct - did some paperwork in the morning, had appointment in afternoon. Got two Jackie Collins books that I’ve been after in the post.

Tues 10 Oct - Macbook turned up, so did third Jackie Collins book. Ran Vegas through Grammarly.

Wed 11 Oct - Took mum to doctor appointment in pissing rain, tradies turned up to do roof repairs, finished reading Valley of the Dolls.

Thurs 12 Oct - shopping, library, other stuff. Tradies turned up again to put in eaves.

Fri 13 Oct - washing, more tradies.

Sat 14 Oct - Set up Macbook all day, burned out battery, recharged. Bought Vellum which is a new publishing app that allows self-publishers to make their own paperbacks. Started downloading Pages and Dropbox.

Sun 15 Oct - did a bunch of paperwork, the rest of the years blog posts, finished off new websites. Finished downloading Pages, still going with Dropbox.

Mon 16 Oct - Manager inspection, more tradies, read the book Lace.

Tues 17 Oct - typed up review of Lace, got blog posts at my style site done, had migraine and felt sick. 

Wed 18 Oct - rested for the morning, still had migraine, still felt sick, got online in the afternoon. More bloody tradies.

Thurs 19 Oct - shopping, library, chiro.

Fri 20 Oct - released this blog post, did the washing, and got a bunch of stuff done.

Well, that's what I've done for the last three weeks. I hate it when I have a schedule all set up and then people decide to fuck around with me, so I get other stuff done instead.

Still, I do have to get started on typing up the next novel. It's a massive bastard and will be edited in batches from January or February as it's going to cost and it's due for release in September, so I need to get to it and will, hopefully, now I've scheduled a bunch of blog posts for the rest of the year, can get it done in November.

I'll be working up until christmas, maybe take three days off, work some more, maybe take three days off over new years, then get back to work before I even start blogging.

Trust me to have this urge to write and release so many bloody books under three names.

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