Friday, September 1, 2017

What The Fuck Is Wrong With Katy Perry?

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I used to like Katy.

I had her first two albums, loved the second, and think it's her best, didn't think much of the third, and won't be listening to her fourth.

I had three of her perfumes, and scored the red velvet bag and purse that went with them.

And then she went batshit crazy!

All because of Taylor Swift!

What is it with Katy and Kanye? Maybe the two of them should get together and wallow in their self-pitying bullshit that Taylor is better than both of them. They are both obsessed morons who can't seem to think straight when it comes to Taylor.

When Bad Blood came out, Katy was the one who outed herself as the person the song was about. Taylor said nothing.

Katy was the one spewing comments on Twitter, and that's when she turned me off. She became the childish twatshit that turned me off her and her music.

Recently, Katy did that whole, four days online thing to promote her new album, which hasn't sold well by all accounts. She talked to a shrink yet still, she seems to have problems.

Last weekend, she hosted the VMAs and left everyone shaking their head in bewilderment...including Ellen!

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I get really sick and tired of narcissistic people. Celebs in particular want to make it all their fans fault.

"Oh, if I didn't have so many people loving me, I could be myself."

"I don't want to disappoint my fans..."

Quite frankly my dear, as a fan, I don't give a fuck!

Stop blaming your problems on the life you live and the people in it. You chose it, you live it, and you can choose to walk away and take a break, like so many before you have.

Still, I can see Katy's problems are deep-seated where Taylor is concerned, and quite frankly, it's nothing but a big fat turn-off.

Grow up Katy, before you lose all of your fans.

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