Friday, May 12, 2017

Author Versus Writer. What do either really equate to?

There have been a lot of blog posts and columns about this topic, so I’m going to weigh in myself.

Some people believe that authors are not writers and vice versa.

Some people believe that writers are not authors and vice versa.

Some people think you can be both.

I think that each word/title means something a little different.

To me, a writer is someone who writes different things across different areas, mainly non-fiction columns, blog posts, web stories, magazine articles etc. They are writing, so they can use the label writer.

To me, an author is someone who writes books, fiction or non-fiction. Yes, they are a writer, but since the primary object is books, to me, the title of author seems more fitting.

To me, a novelist is someone who writes novels. Hence the title, novelist.

To me, a blogger is someone who blogs. Hence the title blogger.

To me, a columnist is someone who writes magazine/newspaper columns. Hence the title, columnist.

Get the picture?

I think it all means something to everyone and I also think it depends on what you write. If you do a bit of everything, go ahead and call yourself a writer. But I don’t necessarily think an author needs to call themselves a writer even though they write.

To me, that would be like calling a reality show contestant a celebrity…

ah *shudders*

It's all much of a muchness and what you want to call yourself is up to you, just make sure it has some authenticity to it.

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