Friday, February 24, 2017

L.J.D family health update

Well mum is over her shit. We hope. She had a melanoma cut off in November, regardless of being in the house or hospital all year. But just like with mine he got all of it. It’s on her left arm this time, whereas the one she had removed in 1984 is on her right and because she had a skin graft then she still has a big ditch in her arm. This time it’s just a line.

She had her final visits to the hospital in January, first to see if she still had the blood clots from the surgery, second to see the doctor. No clots, discharged from the doctor. Now we get back to trying to get her legs and back fixed. She’ll be seeing a doctor for her lymphedema next. She has really swollen legs that everyone from every hospital just has no fucking idea what to do with. But at her last visit she asked the doctor, he said to ask the nurses. We did, and they said Allied Health at the hospital does it. The nurse said she’d get a referral from the doctor and it took her nearly a month. Otherwise mum would have to wait until July at the hospital in town and we can’t be stuffed going all the way there. Bizarrely, the same hospital has not only been in trouble since last year for their treatment of patients, but just this week some dude turned up with some disease that shut the hospital down. Dumb as shit hospital it is!

My health has gotten a bit better. My back doesn’t have the damn aches and pain it used to, the migraines have slowed down, and the hip pain has slowed down. Now I just gotta get some weight off. I’m currently on a shake replacement plan which you can have the companies meals and chocolate bars as well but it’s costly, and after the initial weight loss it’s slow to come off. I indulge one day a week as I just need food, and am thinking of adding one meal back to the diet just to get some protein in me to keep my blood sugars level. But sadly my menstrual cycle has gone off on its own tangent. Hopefully it doesn’t mean menopause is setting in because I’d still like children. But with my luck, that shit ain’t happening and I’m just gonna have to deal with the shit life the universe gave me. Which I absolutely refuse to do! So fuck you universe!!!!!!

Overall, we’re doing okay. It’s been shit hot here in Aus this summer and we don’t have air con so we suffer on really hot days and we have more to go.


  1. Lymphedema is a booger. I had at one point asked my daughter about how to rectify it but I don't remember what she told me. She is an RN that specializes in cardio-vascular heath. A good friend of mine had a malignant melanoma removed from her leg and has been struggling with lymphedema.

    Scary shit about the hospital. I hope you mum gets decent treatment and continues to improve.

    I am very happy to hear about your lessening migraines and back pain. I wish you continued success on the weight loss. I know it is hard. When I was much younger I had put of some weight and remember the struggle of taking it off. I went on the replacement shake type of diet and it worked well for me. I know from past experience that drastic changes in diet can screw with your cycle. I have to think that is more likely than menopause as young as your are.

    1. Cheryl, unfortunately mum has suffered with it for years, so if something can be done this year, good.

      Still on my shake plan and still losing weight, personally I think it's the bloody stress of dealing with mum that's stuffed up my cycle and fingers crossed, it ain't menopause yet.

  2. Great news about your health improving! That's really good stuff.


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