Friday, February 10, 2017

Kylie Minogue breaks up with another man, Lady Gaga's muffin top, and I'm a Celebrity's Kate Fischer/Tziporah Malkah

There are some things I want to have a chat about this week. Mainly three women who have been making the media's circulating gossip roll.

Kylie Minogue for a first. She's broken up with another man and she's had many. At 48 her latest ex-fiance was 28, no wonder it didn't work. They claimed the age difference didn't matter, but as Dr Phil, says, the common denominator of your relationships is you.

So what is wrong with Kylie that she keeps being cheated on and dumped, or is the dumper? Maybe it's time Kylie took a good long look at herself.

Onto Lady Gaga.

We got the Superbowl here in Aus but I didn't watch it. I saw some of Lady Gaga's show on the news and the moment I saw her in this outfit...I knew it was going to be all about her muffin top.

I don't care if she had excess fat on her stomach, jesus, most of us do, but I just knew there was going to be a troll fest over it. Websites have been all over it, USA Today, Vanity Fair, Independent.

How little do people have in their life if they have to do that. I noticed it, I thought about it for 0.000 seconds and moved on. I didn't feel the need to trash the shit out of her online for it.

Now on to Tziporah Malka a.k.a Kate Fischer as she was originally known. She went to Israel and changed her name to her Jewish Grandmother's. She was a 90s "covergirl" who dated billionaire James Packer who has had 2 wives and a fiance in Mariah Carey since. Kate has gone on our version of I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and she is completely up herself.

Kate in the 90s

Tziporah on I'm a Celebrity (pic courtesy of channel ten)

I'm A Celebrity S3

Cast of I'm a Celebrity including, god forbid, Tom Arnold.
I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!

She lives in the past, lives back in the 90s when she was with James. Has talked about him constantly, woe is me I'm poor and fat and just want to be left alone. And yet when a photographer sold pics to a magazine last year saying she was back, SHE is the one who then went in every other magazine and on every tv show talking about what she'd been doing in the last 20 years.

SHE'S the one who chose to go on this show. SHE'S the one who has lied about getting very little from James when they split. SHE'S the one sniping at people, saying she doesn't like them because they're always having a go at her, blah di blah di fuckity blah!

She even said Natalie Bassingthwaite (6th from right), an Aussie singer/actress, had a face you could strike a match on. Fucking hell! It's time KATE pulled her fat head out of her fat arse and got over her problems which clearly stem from her time with James. She's hateful, bitchy, self absorbed and snipey and I'm over it.

Why is it, that fat people become hateful or comedians. Clearly they hate being fat. Well the only person who got you fat is you, so stop blaming everyone else and sort your own shit out instead of taking it out on other people!

God I hate people like her! and if I was on that show I'd be ripping the shit out of her.


  1. Hi Lady Jewels Diva....I never follow Kylie's romances so I wouldn't of known had you not told me but I think you make a great point. If she goes through a lot of relationships I would think she needs to do some soul searching. It can't always be the guy's fault.

    As for Gaga. I heard a few comments about the little dab of belly fat on her and that is seriously mean spirited. She has a very nice body and her half time show was really entertaining. (in my opinion she did a great job)

    As for the ex-model...I haven't heard of her before or if I had, I have forgotten. She sounds like a bitch. I don't think Kate AKA Tziporah has any room to talk about appearances. Time has not been all that good for her. Yes, if the added weight is making her bitchy the fault is of her own making.

    1. Hi Cheryl, yes, Kylie has gone through a few and yes, she probably does need to take a deep look at herself. One website claimed it was because she was trying to find another Michael Hutchense (dead INXS singer) who she dated in the 80s/90s. Hard act to follow, so no wonder she's not happy.

      As for Lady Gaga, I'm a fan, I've got more tummy fat than her so I didn't care.

      And yes, Kate seems to live in her previous life with James Packer, it was all she talked about for weeks. And she clearly has not moved on. She's playing the victim role with it and that's all she has to live on because she's insecure, overweight and unlikable.


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