Friday, February 3, 2017

Celebrity Deaths and Reality TV. What the fuck happened in 2016?

Michael Weatherly had announced he was leaving NCIS, so I have no reason to watch it anymore, I spoke of those actors and musicians who had passed since I’d been on holiday, and the reality shit that had already come to Aussie tv.

Well, here we are again, this time in 2017, and what has changed?

We have the same reality shit on tv. Our version of I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, My Kitchen Rules, Married at First Sight, Gogglebox, Bride & Prejudice have all started this week. And more are to come. It seems that our whole year is taken up with shit reality shows while decent dramas are removed to make way.

We have NCIS back, and Lethal Weapon. Over summer we had new seasons of MacGyver, Scorpion and Hawaii Five0 but they were removed for the fucking sport!!!!! Which we’ve had a lot of over summer. January is always besieged by cricket, tennis and more cricket. That’s right; we have two networks showing different cricket games and two showing the fucking tennis!

And then we move onto MORE DEAD CELEBRITIES!

Seriously, could 2016 have been any viler when it came to those we lost. One website had a list of 60while another had even more

I’d say a few hundred died across the planet. And I just had the feeling when Carrie Fisher got sick that Debbie would go. Mum was talking to sister #1 and mum said “is Debbie Reynolds still alive?” I turned to her and said yes, and then thought, but not for long.

Holy fucking shitballs, Batman!

What the fuck is going on in the world? Did Mercury shoved Mars up Uranus and shit mercury filled mars bars at everyone? 

Fucking hell!

As if Jackie Collins's death in 2015 wasn’t bad enough for me, but now we just kept losing them because this year the deaths have already come. Mary Tyler Moore, Miguel Ferrer, Gordon Kaye from Hallo Hallo who I thought was already dead and John Hurt. And god knows who else that hasn’t been reported yet.


Well, let’s get onto to something else. The year ahead. There’s a few things to discuss over the next few weeks and months, the usual like movies I’ve watched, books I’ve written, what I did on my holiday. I might even refresh some old blog posts for another go round just to see how relevant they still are.

Next week I’ll talk about my plan for the year ahead, and the books I want to write and have written.

Until then, let’s hope no one else drops dead.

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