Friday, November 18, 2016

What I did on my last writing holiday and writing a series in one go so you don't lose momentum.

First up, back in Sep/Oct it was the last school holidays for the year before the Christmas ones. Now I have found taking time off this year to be very helpful and relaxing, even though I was working. Considering what 2015/16 has been like for me, I'm surprised I managed to get so much done.

Now, as I come to the end of my blogging year, I will be taking December and January off to hopefully write some more, but to also finally have a bit of a holiday.

So last holiday I did this...

Well I had planned on writing a 12 chapter book, novella style like the previous Porn Star Brothers books. But then I realised it may extend to 15 chaps. And then when I started book 2 I realised it may be 18 chaps. By the time I started the third notebook I realised I'd gotten my Jackie Collins on and written an epic/saga of a book, and I haven't done that in years. Although you could say that 3.5 novellas is an epic when put together. Three full notebooks, about 20 extra pages in book four, which is my "leftovers" notebook for all the leftover chapters and 6 pens.

Writing is tiring. I tried to write 10-20 pages a day. That's 1-2 chapters for me. And it is very doable if you have the energy. But writing by hand is painful and cramping. Like making jewellery. But I did it.

And now I've started the second book in the series.....oi!

Second, one thing I have learned from writing the last few years is that once you have the momentum for a story, or book series, you need to keep writing it until it is completely done.

When writing a series of books write them all in one go, one after the other. Otherwise, you will leave the story and not come back to it. Not be immersed like you were at the beginning.

I have found this to be true with The Road To Vegas, written in 2006. It needs a prequel and sequel, the ideas are in my head and I even started the prequel years ago, but they are still waiting while I do everything else. It’s been ten years and I have no idea if they will ever come out but my fingers are crossed.

I started writing the Porn Star Brothers Books in April and continued into May this year. Not long after that I had the idea for a second and third book, then 15 short stories based on other characters from the series, and then came the idea for a fourth book. Yikes!

Now, and this is why they’re coming, the momentum is still going. I'm still immersed. Whereas I wrote Vegas in 2006 and then didn’t write again until 2008 and that was the comedy How I Won Lotto. Nothing until 2010 and that was the dramedy Life and Death Adventures in London. In 2013 came Her Secret Island and four non-fictions.

Then came short stories under the name T.K. Wrathbone. Another set of books I need to write in one go otherwise the momentum is lost. Three long stories and five short for the anthology. Then I rest and write under another name to give myself a break. Unless there is momentum and I keep writing for the next set.

For me, when I am engrossed in a story it plays like a movie in my head. It needs to come out, and if I stunt it by stopping for too long, or write something completely different in the meantime, the momentum is lost and I can’t always get back on the train. And if I do, I can’t always get it chugging along like it was. So, I have learned, and hopefully continue to do so in the future, to write a series in one go until it’s done. To get it all out of my head until I'm not thinking about it anymore.

There's another reason why I need to get the Porn Star series out of my head NOW. It's because I’m planning a 12 book series for a 2018 release, and a 6 book series for a 2019 release. And since they are jewellery related, I have scheduled myself to write either one per month, or just keep them going until they are all done (I’m scheduled up the wazoo to write books for the next four years). It’s all going to depend on how long they take to write. I’m aiming for 50-60 pages each and will then turn all 12 into an omnibus paperback at the end. I’m going to need momentum for them. And I have three more long stories to write and release under T.K. Wrathbone. Thank god for the pressure I was under back in January, I managed to get an extra five short stories written for the next set's anthology.

Not to mention all the editing and releasing I’ll be doing. It’s going to be a long few years!!!

What have you needed to do until it was finished and out of your head?


  1. You are really amazing. I am exhausted just reading your schedule so I can't imagine the energy it takes to actually do all that you do. Plus the creativeness that goes into it. I am struggling lately coming up with topics for my blog so there isn't a chance that I could write multiple books. Your are such a talent.

    1. Thanks Cheryl.

      There have been many years that I have struggled with blog posts which is why I cover so much stuff. From favourite song I'm currently listening to, movies watched, books read, places I've gone, things I've done. You really need to find a lot of things to post about when you have a blog.

      That's also why I cut back to blogging once a week. When I started way back in 2009 it was 2-3 times a week. In 2010 it was five days a week, then back to 3 times a week in 2011. Then I cut back to 2 times and now the last few years it's been once a week. And I have found that taking the school holidays off helps recharge the batteries.

      Taking time off and just looking around at the world really helps to come up with a whole list of stuff to write about. And I guess with all that I do I have plenty.


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