Friday, November 11, 2016

The movies I've watched in the last few months

I’ve watched a lot of movies in the last few months.

Take Shelter, Goodbye World, It’s a Disaster, Imitation Game - finally, Guardians of the Galaxy - finally, Transformers 1-4.

And I gotta say, sometimes a reboot doesn’t cut it.

Transformer 4 people! Seriously! And even 3 was bad. At least Megan Fox’s character had some balls about her, even though Michael Bay made her the floozy in the short shorts. But the bird from the third movie who replaced her, and the girl from the fourth (I don’t remember their names they are that painfully unimportant) were nothing but empty headed bimbos who screamed a lot and relied on their boyfriends to save them.

For fuck’s sake, save your fucking self!

I HATE. H.A.T.E. HATE pathetic female characters!!!!!!!!!!

Now while I found Take Shelter boring and fast forwarded there is a story and worth watching if you can be bothered. It’s a Disaster was so stupid I sped through it just to see them die!

The Imitation Game is worth it. No wonder Benedict Cumberbatch is so damn good at what he does, it’s because he’s so damn good at what he does and he made me cry for the character at the end.

Guardians of the Galaxy, for me, was only good at the end…mainly because I was flicking back and forth to something else because to me it was boring until the end of the world started. Although the bit I loved most, was the baby Groot dancing at the end as seen below. It was soooo cute!!!!!!

 And now there’s a Guardians II. The trailer is below, wait until the end…sooo cute!


  1. I have slowed off quite a bit on movies as I spend more time now watching Netflix and Amazon original programs but I did see the Imitation Game and liked it. I, also saw Guardians of the Galaxy and didn't love it. I found it often boring in spots.

    1. Same here Cheryl, that's why I only watched half the movie.


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