Friday, August 5, 2016

Potty mouths, toilet humour and a couple of songs lyrics poking fun at celebrites

While writing up my song lyrics a few weeks back I, for some reason, starting laughing at the term potty mouth.

Seriously, who calls it a potty? A potty is for toddlers to learn to sit on to do a “number 2”. Bahahaha. What it should be called for adults is what adults call it, toilet.

Toilet mouth!

I know it doesn’t sound as “polite”, lol, but it’s probably not meant to in the first place. Potty is just a weird word to use for swearing and toilet is used for “toilet humour” which is also a ridiculous phrase.

But I kept laughing because with the way my brain works it kept going and rolling the conversation I was having with myself on, and it went from calling it potty mouth to toilet mouth and then came 'because when it backs, up shit comes out'.

Which is true, isn’t it, lol. So that’s a new phrase for me.

'Toilet mouth. Because when it backs up, shit comes out.'


Below are two sets of song lyrics I wrote about celebrities (I'm no Eminem) way back in 1992 and 1993, still slightly relevant, especially OVEREXPOSED and a certain family that are never out of the rag mags. I've uploaded these two plus last weeks to my new Pinterest board, so feel free to share.


  1. I think both sets of lyrics are very relevant. We live in such a celebrity driven society that reeks of egos, money and fame. In my opinion some of the so called stars don't do anything positive or interesting enough to deserve their fame. Still they capture leagues of fans that seem to follow their every move.

  2. 'Toilet mouth. Because when it backs up, shit comes out.' BAHAHAHA! Love that :)


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