Friday, June 10, 2016

The Stupidity of a Sugar Tax

The government is being hounded, mainly within their own parties, to put a tax on sugary foods, such as soft drinks, biscuits, lollies etc to stop obesity and illnesses as diabetes. The problem is, that sugar is in most foods. It’s naturally occurring in fruits and vegetables, in low fat products sugar has been added to compensate for the lack of fat, so unless they want to remove all food from the shelf I suggest they pull back their stupidity.

People eat. We will eat what we like when we like and being obese is a choice. You don’t gorge on food 24/7 for the fun of it. You choose to put food in your mouth. Even cutting out simple things like orange juice or tomato sauce can help you de-bloat. Changing your full sugar drinks to diet drinks can help. But the thought of a second tax on top of our GST (goods and services tax) is bullshit and people are over it.

We’re being turned into a dictatorial country where we need to be told when to get up, when to shower, when to shit, when to go to bed. We are not China or Korea, we have free will and if that free will makes us gorge and get fat then let those people do it.

Of course there’s obesity and other medical issues to think about. I think if people want to be obese you pay for whatever health issue you have if you end up in hospital with a related medical crisis. Same with smoking. If you choose to smoke, regardless of it being legal, then you deal with the consequences of smoking, such as cancers, emphysema and any other issues you get. The same with drinking alcohol. If you drink and drive you’re a bloody idiot as the saying goes here in Aus, you kill someone you go to jail. You disable yourself you suck it up and deal with it.

No one should be told what they can and can’t eat, besides alcohol. Unlike drinking to excess it won’t kill you unless you’re obese and even then you have a good chance of not keeling over just because you are fat.

But whacking another tax on everything is not an option. It won’t make people stop. They want to ban smoking and drinking everywhere but won’t make those substances illegal because of the billions it brings in. Putting a tax on soft drink won’t stop people drinking it. It won’t make people suddenly lose weight, it won’t stop them from not eating or drinking something else.

Personally, I don’t know why they just don’t order the soft drink companies to make all of their products diet. That way the sugar is cut out and we shouldn’t get too fat from drinking it.

To me, besides making it illegal, making it all diet is the only way to go.

Do you guys have stupid taxes in your country, and what do you think of a secondary tax on food?


  1. You are so right in the fact that a tax won't stop people from buying sugary products.

    The US has to be the fattest nation on the planet and getting fatter by the minute. There is nearly a reverse type of discrimination here if you are trim. I did a post once on how I can't buy clothes anymore in my small size as they have been discontinued by manufacturers saying there aren't enough of us to warrant making a petite size 2.

    New York City tried to tax soft drinks and it was in the news for awhile. I don't even know if it went through as I live in Kansas. I will tell you though that given the fact that cigarettes are loaded with taxes and people still buy them, if someone wants a big Coca Cola they are going to buy one.

    As for sugar...I agree with you that it would be just too broad of a tax as sugar is in so many products. Real forms of sugar in excess could lead to obesity but artificial sweeteners lead to obesity as well. Not through calories but because it raises insulin in a body and causes insulin resistance leading to weight gain. The other part of the problem is even if it were possible to reduce people's sugar intake, they can still eat too much fat, salt and calories.

    If people really wanted to not be fat they would have to commit to eating healthy foods and exercising. Taxing food that are "bad" won't force people to do that.

    1. Absolutely Cheryl, taxing does not stop people wanting it. Cigarettes are going the same way here. They keep putting the price up trying to force people to stop smoking but since it's not illegal, they cant stop people from doing it and the money is too good.

  2. I feel that this is just a tax grab, nothing more. None of these people give a damn about anyone's health. It's just to make money.

    1. Unfortunately everything is always a tax grab. We've found out today our electricity is going up, tax grab. The price of cigarettes constantly goes up, tax grab, rates and taxes on property goes up, tax grab. Maybe if the bloody government stopped spending we'd have the money and everything wouldn't need to go up.


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