Friday, May 6, 2016

God I hate the new domestic violence ad for the Australian government.

This is the latest ad in showing the violence against women, that the Australian government has produced.

Every time I see this ad it enrages me, not just for the pathetic bullshit humans have taught their children, but more for the fact that so many women have not taught their daughters any better.

If a boy hits you or abuses you it's because he likes you!

I was never taught that bullshit  because from grade 1 I had boys chasing me around my school, cornering me and assaulting me. 

It wasn't funny.

I was hit, punched, spat on, dropped onto the ground which fractured my coccyx bone, sworn at, called names and not once did I EVER think or believe it was because he liked me. If it was a man doing all of that it would be assault plain and simple. But because it's a boy it's because he's a boy and he likes you.

All I want to do with this ad is scream at the women to get the fuck up and fight back. Stop sitting on the floor like a pathetic piece of shit and stand up for yourself.

How sad that the human race has been dumbed down. How sad that political correctness and molly-coddling of children has gone too far past the possible point of no return. How sad that women are not to taught to defend themselves. How sad that Boomer parents didn't teach their Gen Y children to defend themselves. How sad that women think that defending yourself is just more violence and not a human right. How sad that women would rather their child stand or lie there and be beaten up because they don't believe in fighting back and defending one self.

How fucking sad that some human beings have become as dumb as shit.

I am over these ads. I know they are made for a reason. I know that men are beaten up as well. But violence is violence no matter what the age. Women beat up men, children and other women. Men beat up women, children and other men. Children are beating up their mothers, fathers, other kids and raping and molesting other human beings.

What the fuck has this world come to when children as young as ten are raping and molesting other children and elderly women? Either the male side of the species is incredibly sick and we need to get rid of them, or we all need to get tough and straighten these little bastards out before they get to adult hood.

Either way, I am over women not standing up for themselves and fighting back. I am over pathetic women who have been taught badly, and don't get their god damn acts together.

It's time to grow up and be an adult and not that pathetic little child who was taught that if a boy treats you badly it's because he likes you. If anything, this is the one thing that has fucked women up mentally over anything else, and it's time for women to sort their shit out and start fighting back.


  1. Here in the US, I think it's been several generations since anyone looked the other way when a school age boy hit a girl. Bullying is taken very seriously here and that was true when I was a kid (a very long time ago). When I was in 2nd grade a boy shoved me and the kids that saw it yelled for a teacher. The teacher grabbed the kid and off they went presumably to the principle's office.

    I think that is horrible the way you were treated. Where were the grownups that should of protected you?? I have heard that stupid saying about "it's because he likes you" but I have never known an adult that let it be an acceptable excuse for someone being mistreated.

    That is very, very sad and I am sorry you ever had to endure that type of treatment.

    1. Thanks Cheryl. I should have added in the post that my mother told me to kick them in the shins. It was all I could do since my arms were around my head. So I kicked them and they stopped. That was me defending myself, yay me!

  2. I don't think the violence/abuse/disrespect toward women is going to come to a complete end until parents/guardians of SONS teach their little darlings to behave better and to be accountable. Women are still blamed/accused/degraded/questioned/shamed, etc. As a society, we make huge efforts to teach girls ways to avoid getting raped/abused but we don’t make much of an effort to teach boys not to rape/abuse. My daughters should be able to wear whatever they want and walk wherever they want and be wherever they want without fear. And maybe they could do that if sons were taught that they have no right to attack/harass them. Frankly, I’m %$#$%@ sick of it; this double standard, this bullshit sexist imbalance. And absolutely infuriated when I hear stupid remarks like "Boys can't help/control themselves" or "they were provoked", etc. We have to stop blaming the victims and start holding the perpetrators accountable for their actions.

    1. Martha, absolutely boys need to be taught to be respectful. Sadly, the generations have weakened them. Many a decade ago that's how boys were taught here in Aus, now they're abusive arseholes who think they can do what they want, and while many go to jail for their behaviour, it's also excused in many cases which is bullshit.

      As for women, I've been thinking lately about how we're told what to look out for, where to walk etc and I actually get it. The cops tell us these things because they want us to look out for ourselves and protect ourselves. They know how criminals work, when and how they attack, so in telling us, they are helping us to help ourselves and I appreciate that. It's no different to learning self defence, we are the only ones who will be there to protect ourselves if we are attacked. Sadly I think many women, young ones in particular, just don't get that the world is full of arseholes. You can never trust that a man, or a woman, will be well bred and raised.

      My safety is going to come first, and no arsehole is going to get the better of me. The cops have told me how to protect myself, and I follow a lot of those rules. Keep my eyes out, listen for anyone following, make sure there's no one around when I get into the car, immediately lock the doors etc. My safety is my concern and my responsibility. No one else will be there to protect me. I need to stand up and protect myself.


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