Friday, April 1, 2016

With easter being over and me being sick with a migraine, what causes your headaches?

I cannot believe that my Easter post didn't go through last week and is still in draft mode. 


I was all set to wish you all a happy Easter and to eat buns and rabbits until you were sick.


Now I'm sick!

But not because of all the Easter buns and chocolates. No siree Bob, its just the crappy migraines from being stressed over not getting my new books started, trying to run a business, a household and my mother as she's been sick and vomiting again. Hasn't gone back to hospital yet, and hopefully the vomiting is over, but that damn ulcer of hers needs to go and needs to go now. On top of that, her crippled back means she cannot move fast enough so a trip to the toilet always ends in a change of clothes. Sadly, she's now in adult diapers which they give gastro patients in hospitals, otherwise I'd be doing a hell of a lot of washing.

Nope, I've never gotten migraines from food as many do, mine is from having a crooked back which makes my neck crooked so that puts pressure on my head which in turn becomes very susceptible to loud noise, bright lights and oppressive heat, all three of which wreak havoc on my brain. Right now, I have one across the back of my head and thankfully I'm seeing the chiro this arvo as I'm writing this on Thursday afternoon my time.

So, do you guys get migraines and do you know what causes yours or is it just one of those things?


  1. I am sorry to hear that you have a migraine. With all the stress you have going, I am not surprised. Horrible type of headache.

    I used to get a migraine every once in awhile when I was younger. Now I get a headache a couple times a year but just the normal kind. Migraines use to cause me to be sensitive to light, get nauseated etc. Laying down in a darkened room tended to help a bit.

    I hope the chiro visit helped. A good friend of mine says that works well for her.

    Feel better!!!!

    1. Cheryl, the chiro helped for the rest of the day, and then the next day back to migraines as mum and I had a huge fight. Mine used to be caused by light, heat and loud sounds, now it's just due to my bad back.

  2. Sounds awful. I'm sorry for that. I've only had one migraine in my life and it's something I will never forget! Not sure what caused it but happy that it has never returned.

    1. Martha, they are definitely something you don't forget having.


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