Friday, March 18, 2016

I am so god damn sick and tired of people not shutting their mouth.

Why is it, that they think because it’s their mother that their talking about, that they can blab her business all over the fucking family (or countryside) without telling her that their flapping her business.

One of my sisters (sister #2) and I were the only ones that knew mum was back in hospital. Now, every time mum’s gone in she’s said 'don’t tell anyone except sister #2 and I’ll tell the others when I’m out'. So the only person I told was sister #2 because she was coming here. On Wednesday I found out sister #2 had blabbed her big fat trap to sister #1 because mum said sister #1 had called her on Tuesday night in hospital.

So of course I got pissed off and said who the fucking hell does she think she is, it’s not her business to tell and since I hadn’t told her it could have only been sister #2.

Now, I don’t discuss my business with any of my family purely for the fact I don’t want them knowing my business. But I know that what gets posted on Facebook will get back to a few and they will probably tell the rest which is why I personally don’t discuss my business with them. Sadly, in this family, shit happens and shit goes round, jealousy ensues and even more shit gets chucked at the fan. Who can be bothered dealing with that? I’ve dealt with it for the last 41 years of my life.

Mum is the same. She will tell them what she wants them to know and when she wants to tell them, but when you have blabbermouths in the family shit gets around.

Of course I had a go at sister #2 in December when mum was in hospital, and said that everyone in the family should learn to shut their fucking mouths and stop spreading everyone else’s business around the fucking country side.

She denied she’d said anything, but facts prove time and time again that she does. She has now.

What don’t they get that mum doesn’t want them knowing why she keeps ending up in hospital? What she has isn’t something to spread around because it’s embarrassing for her, so show some fucking consideration and respect for your fucking mother and her private health issues and mind your own fucking business.

No wonder I’ve got a constant migraine. The stress and strain of looking after mum is getting too much on top of trying to run the household and bills, plus running the business.

My back is always aching, my head is always aching, everything is always aching. It’s too fucking much anymore.

Mum’s 75 as of yesterday, I’m 42 in May, it’s time to get the legals done and get help in, and thankfully, mum’s finally starting to realise shit needs to be done. And maybe that she needs to go into an aged care facility. Thank god there’s one just down the road from me, and while it’s not on the Gold Coast, it will take one big stress off my life and hopefully my life will start to change.

As for the family, when mum does go into the home, stay the fuck away from me. I told mum if it weren’t for the fact I was with her, I would have absolutely nothing to do with any of them. When you think of bad families, mine’s up there.

Seriously, it makes me want to do this...


  1. It is very infuriating when people can't zip it! Why do they feel the need to blab? What is the reward? I just don't get it. *shakes head* Sorry you're dealing with this. And that your family is so exhausting.

    1. Martha, I know I'm not the only one dealing with an exhausting family.

      I think their reward, going by the years of Oprah and Dr Phil episodes, is that they get a high from knowing something no one else does, so they make a big deal out of it to get attention. Sister #2 has done it for years and even when she's called on it she still does it. Both her and sister #1 have dumped us in big loads of crap over the last three years and they just don't get it because it's all about them.

  2. Lady Jewels Diva...I must be losing my mind...I thought I left a comment here but when I came over to check on you, I see I didn't.

    It sounds all so exasperating. It's really a shame that you have to deal with your mom and her health issues and then have all these issues with siblings. I truly feel for you. I would think if they want to stick their nose in your mom's business they need to also lend a helping hand. Sorry you are having to deal with all of this.

    1. Thanks Cheryl, family can be a pain sometimes and so can life.


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