Friday, February 19, 2016

The Walking Dead came back this week and I'm kinda over it

Because I'm bored with it!

Anyone else?

How many zombie bites and neck ripping can one take? It's never going to change, coz, duh, they're in a zombie apocalypse, and it will never change because Rick keeps ballsing everything up and people die on his watch, and others will always come along to force their power over them.

I think I'd rather read a synopsis every week like I do with Bold & Beautiful. Really, who can be bothered watching B&B any more?

How many more people will be stupid and deserve to be bitten? How many more people will die? How many more people will come along and kill or be killed?

Isn't all rather boring now?

Ugh! I'm over it. Might still watch Talking Dead though!


  1. Hi Lady Jewels Diva...I really should watch more TV. I have never seen any of Walking Dead. I used to watch B & B but lost interest a long time ago.

    Am I about the most boring of your followers?

    1. Bahaha, wouldn't know Cheryl, most of my followers don't comment any more. As for B&B, I haven't watched in a couple of years, I read the synopsis on their Facebook page.


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