Friday, February 12, 2016

The "I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here" mirror stoush. It's time to grow up Jo Beth Taylor!

Oh what a week we had in reality tv land.

While I don't watch full episodes, my mother can't get enough of this crap. She switches back and forth between My Kitchen Rules, I'm a Celebrity, Australia's Got talent and then some.

During the week, has-been Gen X-er Jo Beth Taylor got into a fight over a mirror with has-been Gen Y-er Bachelor contestant Laurina Fleure. Now Jo Beth was around a lot in the late 80s and 90s. She was a backing singer for my fave 80s band Indecent Obsession, who toured with Debbie Gibson, and then she ended up living with and working with Debbie who wrote most of the songs on Jo Beth's first, and possibly only, cd.

JBT then went on to be a co-host of Hey Hey It's Saturday and hosted Funniest Home Videos for a few years. She married a rich tennis champ, had a kid, divorced the guy for a reported 10 million and has not been seen since.

While she's not the only has been dragged up from the depths of the river denial, she is competing against younger singers and celebrities from several reality shows. We have Laurina, plus two Australian idol alums, Anthony and Dean.

Then we have rugby, football and cricket players, plus old farts Bonnie Lithgoe and Val Lehman who played Bea Smith on Prisoner.

But to get into a stoush on tv about a fricken' mirror is ridiculous. Laurina was using the "camp" mirror and had bought it into camp from it's normal spot. JBT wanted to put her contacts in. So instead of asking who had it and if she could use it, she went on a tirade and whined to camp leader Shane Warne, who then attacked Laurina.

Laurina got attacked and JBT looked like a twat. She went off and complained to everyone about Laurina, and then told the camera in her little den of privacy that Laurina was a cow and no one like her.

Well JBT, not many people are liking you now, and besides, unless you asked everyone what they actually thought of Laurina, you actually have no idea what everyone thinks of her. Maybe others, besides Bonnie who's siding with you, don't think she's a cow.

JBT, I have no idea what you've done for the last 20 years but I do know you're older than me and I'm 41, but you need to grow the fuck up and stop acting like you're in high school. If you wanted the mirror you should have had the balls to ask who had it and asked to use it, not run off and bitch and whinge to all the boys to get them on your side. How fucking pathetic!

At least Laurina had the balls to apologise but did JBT accept her apology, sure. Did JBT apologise for her bad behaviour, of course fucking not!

I used to like JBT back in the day. I had her cd, was a huge fan of Debbie's and IOs and still am, but this has turned me off her. She's acting like a bimbo, and could full well be one in real life, who needs to grow up.

God help her if that was me she was calling a cow in the jungle. I'd bitch slap her back to the 80s!

Below is her first single from back in 1991

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