Friday, November 20, 2015

LJD'S WEEKLY CATCH UP: Is anybody really surprised about Charlie Sheen?

After rumours circulated last week here in Aus about a high profile celeb having the HIV virus it has come out this week that it was Charlie Sheen.

He only came out with it this week because he was being blackmailed and was paying millions to keep his secret. He came out to Matt Lauer on the American version of today.

Why bother paying blackmail money, he should have just come out with it four years ago when he supposedly found out about it. Why allow someone else to dictate the terms. Blackmail is illegal and I hope he sues them to get his money back.

Seriously, he dismissed a hooker and her first thought was to go through his bathroom cabinet and take a pic of his meds. Bitch was out for more than money for one night.

Either way, is anyone really surprised?

After his breakdown four years ago it's no wonder shit like this has happened. But then, as long as it doesn't change to AIDS, he may full well live a full life.

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