Friday, November 27, 2015


Last year was pretty bad and this year only fared slightly better. Not as many celebrity deaths this year but Jackie Collins was probably the one that took us all by surprise.

Last year we had missing/blown up planes and this year we’ve had the same. We’ve had bombings and shootings and a mass exodus from the Middle East into Europe that Europe is now regretting. Terrorists will be plaguing those countries for decades to come. Sadly, Germany started it all by flinging open the flood gates without a thought. But then, they are Germany, they should be able to fix it given their history. Just kill a few of them, they’re good at that. France has suffered for it and Belgium is under lockdown. Let’s hope the Eiffel Tower doesn’t get blown to smithereens.

Australia is already going through heatwaves and fires and America has had more school shootings and still the government does fuck all about it. How many kids need to die for those arseholes to get the fuck over their right to bear arms? The constitution is a piece of old fucking paper, not your current lifestyle. I seriously doubt your forefathers predicted how the world would turn out, but the bastards are sticking by it anyway, clearly not caring who gets caught in the crossfire.

TV shows have come and gone and yay, Glen from The Walking Dead was alive…but for how long and how will they survive the horde that is coming?

Bruce Jenner decided to be a dick and become a woman, thereby deluging us with more Jenner/Kardashian bullshit than ever before. We really don’t give a fuck and the fact is, you were born a male, not a female. Even though I don’t believe in God as religious nut jobs do, I seriously doubt our creator put us here to chuck a shit fit and decide s/he’d made a mistake so one must change their sex to make themselves happy.

Why are there such contradictions between the sexes? Women are told to accept themselves the way they are and to suck it up and love their cellulite, yet men are told it’s perfectly normal to cut their dick off and become a she-male. They will never be actual females as the biology and genetics are not there, neither are the female parts. And quite frankly, if you cannot accept that you are the sex you are in this lifetime for a reason, then you are the one fucked in the head.

When in God’s name did it become okay for a man to cut his dick off, turn it inside out, slice himself open and shove it back in to make a vagina? When did THAT become okay?

Australia had another political spill this year when Malcolm Turnbull overthrew Prime Minister Tony Abbott. Just as with Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard, it showed us once again how arrogantly narcissistic politicians can be. And are.

We got told by the head of the AFL that booing is racist because Adam Goodes cried like a sook at people booing him. Never mind the fact that people think he’s a knob, but because he’s HALF aboriginal it MUST HAVE BEEN because of that. *Insert seriously massively huge sarcastic eye roll here*.

I know there is a shit tonne of other stuff that has happened this year but I’m not about to remember it nor write about it as there is just too much currently going on that we all have to deal with.

So this is 2015.

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