Friday, October 16, 2015

LJD'S WEEKLY CATCH UP: The Walking Dead is back and...I didn't think much of it

Maybe I was expecting more of a continuance from last season's finale. Maybe I was expecting it to flow along like a normal episode. 

What I wasn't expecting was to try and keep up with jumping back and forth between current and future scenes.

That was confusing.

The good part: Walker horde. So many of them, thousands. 

The bad part: Was there an explanation about where they came from? Who trapped them in? How did they all get there? Where did they actually come from?

The good part: The Alexandrians finally working with Rick and his group.

The bad part: The Alexandrians are absolute dickheads and only did it because Deanna told them to, and she only did it because she lost her husband to a guy she didn't want to do anything about.

The good part: Rick staying in control even though you could see he wanted to go ape shit on a few people.

The bad part: Rick not killing all of the Alexandrians when he really wanted to.

The good part: They almost succeeded with the horde.

The bad part: The Alexandrians are idiots. The kid of the guy Rick killed ran after them and nearly got himself eaten. The guy who wanted to kill Rick was too gutless and too scared to either kill Rick, kill walkers or shut the fuck up when he got bitten. So, the good part. Rick killed him.

The bad part: The horde is now headed to Alexandria. 

Will I keep watching, sure, was it a good episode, not overly.

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