Friday, August 14, 2015

LJD'S WEEKLY CATCH UP: There’s a keyboard warrior in all of us.

God, the labels and terms people come up with to describe others are not only astoundingly stupid, but ironic, and the irony is, they really don’t get they are also labelling themselves as the same thing.

The term keyboard warrior was started by god knows who to label people who trolled others or who just generally left horrible comments wherever they went.

You get called a keyboard warrior if you leave a comment someone doesn’t like, hence you get labelled. Now the irony is that the people labelling you as a keyboard warrior are also on their keyboard replying to the messages left and rudely labelling everyone they come across.

Maybe we should start calling them ‘keyboards dobbers’, dobbing people in simply because they don’t like their comments. Or maybe ‘pathetic keyboard pissants’ for being the idiots ironically calling people out from behind their own keyboard.

Ugh, I’m really getting sick of the pissant Gen Ys and some Xs labelling everyone and everything because they’re so freaking pathetic at life in general.

I get we need particular labels in life, such as writer, doctor, nurse, office, we need names and labels, what I’m sick of, is getting every “bully shaming” label thrown around just to make the arsehole dobbers feel better about themselves.

The irony is you’re outing people and doing the exact same thing they are, crapping all over people.

It’s pathetic, useless and a waste of time. I am so over and tired of people on social media, and sadly, social media itself. It’s not the fun place it used to be.

Am I a keyboard warrior? Sure, since I’m calling out the keyboard dobbers on the internets.

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