Friday, August 7, 2015

LJD'S WEEKLY CATCH UP: Boo is NOT a racist word!

There has been some hoo-hah over booing at footy matches in recent months and the head of the AFL has come out and claimed that booing is racist and it needs to stop.

Now, the only reason he said this was the person being booed is a black man, so of course in this politically correct climate it MUST BE because he’s black.

Fucking hell!

Never mind that booing in and of itself is NOT racist. 

Never mind that booing is the opposite of cheering, like love is the opposite of hate, right is wrong, left is right etc.

Never mind that booing has been around since ape/humans could speak, whoops, can’t use the word ape either since the guy's black and all.

And does that mean humans did not come from apes and hence we cannot even use the word to describe our historical evolution?

So what happens if we ban booing altogether?

Do children get called racist if they boo the villain of a school play, especially if that villain is black? What if the villain is white?

Do we get called racist if we boo tennis players, musicians *cough Justin Bieber*, politicians, actors, TV shows, TV show writers, the list will go on and on and on and it will get even more ridiculous than it already is all because one pissant dickhead couldn’t tolerate being booed.


Besides, making a dumb as shit blanket assumption will only make you look like an asswipe. You have no factual evidence to back up your claim that the booing was racist. You have no idea what was going through those people’s heads when they booed, you have no fucking idea whether their booing was based on the fact he’s black. Dumb as shit blanket assumption you have stupidly assumed that would not stand up in a court of law even if you tried it.

What happened to the old adage of ‘if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck’ and what about in the case of Muslims?

People love labelling others racist towards Muslims yet Muslim is not a race it’s a fucking religion! They love playing the race/religion card too. ‘Oh you just hate us coz we’re Muslim’. ‘Rape doesn’t exist because it’s sex outside marriage’ never mind the fact that’s illegal and women will be stoned to death for having sex outside of marriage or with a man that's not their husband. Yeah, they have their fucking bullshit arguments too. Remember those muslim gang rapes in Sydney about ten years ago? Oh, sorry, not rape, sex outside marriage. Yeah those girls will never fucking forget.

No, you footballing pissant, I fucking hate you coz you’re a fucking arsehole.

You know, if it walks like an arsehole and talks like an arsehole, it’s a fucking arsehole!


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