Friday, July 24, 2015

LJD'S WEEKLY CATCH UP: The rejects and retards of Australia’s Celebrity Apprentice 2015

How bloody pathetic channel nine!

You really scraped the bottom of the barrel with this one, didn’t you?

The second ‘The Bachelor’ Blake Garvey, Popstars reject and movie wanna-be now apparently a dj Sophie Monk, Big Brother winner from two years ago Tim Dormer, Fucking Geoffrey Edelstein and dumb bitch import wife Gabby who keeps leaving him, guilt ridden radio host Mel Greig who really needs to get over the whole “royal phone call nurse killing herself” prank, Real Housewife of Melbourne and now Neighbours soapie actor Gina Liano, TV has-been and current internet and phone provider actress Esther Anderson, Miss Universe Australia who no one knows Tegan Martin, NRL footy player Matt Cooper, TV presenter and one time Australian Idol host James Mathison and Hollywood Gossip Guru Richard Reid.


All washed up has-beens or wanna-bes except for James who still turns up on TV. Gina is clearly getting her promotional skills on as a prosecutor by day and Melbourne Housewife by night, she’s released a traditionally published book and is now guest starring on a soapie, well played Ms Liano, well played.

Tim Dormer got a one year contract out of channel nine as winner of Big Brother 2013, but has disappeared since. Sophie Monk was in Bardot, the first winners of Popstars way back about 15 years ago. She moved to L.A. and got bit parts in movie, has co-hosted radio shows when the regular hosts are on holiday and once dated, and was engaged to, Benji Madden.

Blake Garvey seems to be continuing his Bachelor bullshit after two years and simply needs to go away, no one knows Tegan or Matt, at least not non rugby people, and Richard Reid was the channel nine gossip guru for about six years until channel nine didn’t renew his contract at the end of 2014, so why he’s suddenly back I don’t know because channel ten actually snapped him up as their gossip guru. Inter channel conflicts going on there.

Mel Greig, I used to like and feel sorry for her but sadly, she’s carrying on the self-imposed guilt trip for way too long. You didn’t fucking do anything except make a stupid prank phone call, that bitch nurse was already depressed and had already tried to commit suicide, apparently she left a note saying the radio hosts were to blame yet no one ever saw it so I think it’s bullshit. Any expert will tell you no one is to blame for someone’s suicide except them. Personally, women need to stop the guilt trips because they’re the only ones imposing them, no one else did. Second, it was two fucking years ago, get the fuck over it and stop talking about it.

Geoffrey and Gabby, imported American wife number 2! These two are such emotionally immature, insecure attention seeking whores it’s ridiculous. They break up every week then get back together. It’s pathetic, piss weak and fucked up because there is something seriously wrong with these two.

Channel nine, again, you have really scraped the bottom of the barrel with this one and I will certainly NOT be watching. Besides, you ditched Big Brother for this bullshit, not that that's any better!


  1. Just like here in the USA where Celebrity Apprentice and Dancing with the Stars you have to Google the so call celebrity just to find out who the hell they are. So glad it is just an American thing, I guess people can not let go of their so called 15 minutes of fame


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