Friday, June 5, 2015

LJD'S WEEKLY CATCH UP: Bruce Jenner in a dress and why in God's name are women still apologising. I'm talking to you Lisa Wilkinson.

Once again the world and the internet was full of the Kardashians. First Kim announced her second pregnancy. Big deal! Then Bruce finally announced what name he had picked for himself as a woman and came out with Caitlyn….with a C. 

What I think about this is of no relevance to Bruce. For me, and what I know, he still has his male bits. So to me that still makes him a woman. To me, until he cuts it all off and medically, physically ( as much as he can), and legally becomes a woman, he is not. He is still a he, not yet a she.

Bruce said he never wanted to look like a guy in a dress. Well, you are until you become a woman.

The other thing that I wondered about was how happy he said he now is. In the Vanity Fair pics I’ve seen, he’s not smiling in any of them. They are normal staged shots that show no sign of happiness. Maybe there are other pics of him laughing and smiling but they have not yet been revealed.

So, then I wonder if he can’t smile because the plastic surgery he’s had is preventing him from smiling, or, he’s not emotionally happy so he’s not smiling, because his lack of a smile says more than anything else.

And does his pose on the cover look incredibly awkward to you? It does to me.

Onto our version of The Today Show. This week Lisa changed her hairstyle. She used to have a side part, which suits her better, but then for some reason the show’s hairdresser changed it to a middle part this year. Well Lisa had a bad eye so the only thing they could do was give her a comb over to cover it up.

The thing that pissed me off was what she felt the need to do later in the day.

She apologised for her hair.

"Apologies to all those who were so irritated by my "bed hair" this morning, but I had a super irritated eye and this little bit of a peek-a-boo style was our only option. I kinda liked it… and hubby loved it, so that's a win right there!"

I left my reply on the Today Show FB page.

As a woman, I am so saddened by how weak women have become. You do one of two things, feel guilty over something, or apologize for something. This is 2015 and sadly, not many women seem to have a backbone, guts or balls any more. What happened to the gutsy women of years past? They've disappeared and all the women of today tell me is they are immature, EXTREMELY insecure weak little girls who can't stand up for themselves or understand they have no need to apologise for their hair, make-up, sex, race, religion, clothes, choices etc, etc, etc. Do some men apologise? Sure, the ones who are told by their bosses or sponsors and do so out of financial fear, but men in the real world don't apologise for their hair or clothes. So many business women have written books about women needing to stop apologising, it's time they got read and it's time women stopped being weak and stopped apologising for stupid, inane things like their hair. Time to grow up and grow a pair girls because as a woman, I am so bloody sick of hearing you let down the female side of the human race.

Not sure I could say it any differently so I’ll leave it at that.

What do you guys think?

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