Friday, May 8, 2015

LJD'S WEEKLY CATCH UP: The Royal Baby, The Met Gala and The Logies. Attention whores at their finest.

So, this week was all about a woman having a baby. Yep, that's right. The world went on watch last Saturday when a young lass called Kate was rushed to hospital after going into labour with her second child.

Just like any other night and any other woman. A woman went into labour and had a baby. Like it's so unusual *insert sarcastic eye roll here*.

Not everyone in the world went gaga over the new royal baby, personally I don't give a shit. The only thing I wondered about, besides wondering why the baby looks dead in those photos, was why Elizabeth came before Diana. To me that seems like a snub to Di over old hag granny even though Kate's and her mum's middle names are Elizabeth (what is it with naming your children after yourself in these families?????).

The other things is when did Charlotte become the "female" version of Charles? Never have I heard of that garbage and some of the tv show hosts here in Aus immediately started calling her Charlie.

Ugh, no, not it's not Charlie and not the female version of Charles either. But sadly it is another name in the long list of royal family members that keep getting the go around even though that list should be updated and made relevant to the current century. She even has a cousin called Charlotte. How stupid!

Next was the Met Ball. Anna Wintour's big night of nights on the social calendar where tickets are $25,000 a head.

I know this is the night where everyone dresses weirdly, and weird I get, but this year the main concern is how much flesh is too much flesh.

But the two that stood out, even though Kimmy K was mentioned as well, was Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez. Kimmy's dress was far less see through than Bey and Jey's which are just down right whorish.

What is it with baring flesh? It's not respectable, it's not classy or elegant, it's attention seeking behaviour. 

Beyonce and Jay Z turned up two and a half hours after the red carpet had officially closed, of course it's attention seeking behaviour.

It's also skanky, whorish and hookerish. Someone likened it to a drag queen's wedding which I thought was hilarious.

I don't care what the theme was, neither of their outfits had anything to do with it. What is it with grown arse adult women needing to get nearly naked just to get attention. It's pathetic and weak and says so much about their insecurity and immaturity.

And the argument about "if you've got it, flaunt it", and ", it's their body", don't cut it any more. It doesn't matter if you've got it, you don't need to put it on display for all to see and I don't give a fuck if it is your body. Try having some respect for it and yourself and be elegant and classy. If others can do it, so can you. Cut the crap.

It was just like our night of nights, The Logies (tv show awards). So many came wearing slashes down to their waist, flashing their tits at everyone, or pushing them up and out, and many also had crotch high splits and when they walked they held back the sides of the dress so we all got flashed.

Tit-fest below. If they weren't flattened to the chest with a stupid slashy v neck then they were pushed up and out on a balcony of material.

Tit and crotch fest below. Slashy v necks almost meeting slashy crotch necks in these ridiculous dresses. Make up your bloody minds girls, it's one or the other. Get some class in ta ya!

Bloody insecure twats. 

You always know when a female wants attention, she pulls out the big guns and flashes her sexuality to get it. Attention whores at their finest this week.

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