Friday, April 24, 2015

LJD'S WEEKLY CATCH UP:Tony Abbott, Jeremy Clarkson, Ben Affleck and Sam Smith. Quite an eclectic mix this week.

Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, came under attack this week after sculling a beer. Too many are claiming it endorses binge drinking and alcoholism. Even though Tony drank the one beer, doesn’t binge on alcohol, isn’t an alcoholic, he was still told he should have been a teetotaller and said no.

One wowser in particular, Cold Chisel’s resident ex-alcoholic lead singer Jimmy Barnes’s illegitimate son, TV host, David Campbell, who gave up alcohol himself last year, became one angry little pissant on an arrogant little high horse on The Today show when the Mixed Grill was in session. 

Asked for their opinions, David, Today newsreader Sylvia Jefferies and TV host, Natalie Ahmat were all asked what they thought about it. David became the angry little twat who so gallantly climbed his high horse and spewed garbage to all and sundry. Poor Sylvia was trying to keep it together beside him and David did not get off lightly on social media, with many calling him a hypocrite as he used to be a drinker himself.

Hell, my mother could scull a beer in summer and has done so. Does that make her, or I, who drinks shandis in summer, an alcoholic? Come say that shit to my face David Campbell and you’ll soon see what I think of you.

Drinkers are no worse than dieters. Just because you chose to change your life and what you eat and drink doesn’t give you the right to turn around and ridicule, insult, demean and criticise those who don’t eat or drink the same think you do, so fuck off and get on with your own life.

As for Tony, he’s quite entitled to scull a drink of his choosing, it was hardly a publicity stunt, “oh, someone’s filming it on their iPhone, yeah, I better scull it,” and anyone saying so is a dick!

Jeremy Clarkson has come out and claimed that he wasn’t performing at his best the day he punched out a producer on Top Gear. After a hard day, hard week, hard life etc, Clarkson has told the world that he had gotten a cancer scare from his doctor who claimed the lump in his mouth looked like cancer and he should go and get it checked out. 

Never mind the fact that lump could have just been his fat tongue that loves to whip acidic barbs at people (regardless of the fact many are funny), but as Clarkson said, there wasn’t time to go and see a specialist because the show came first.

Quite frankly, if I was told I had cancer and needed to get it checked out a.s.a.p I’d just go and tell the producers to fuck themselves if they complained. A person’s health and well-being is more important than a fucking show.

Next up we have Ben Affleck, whose a million year ago biology has been revealed in a Sony hacking email this week. It seems that Ben’s great ancestor was a slave owner. The PBS show, Finding Your Roots discovered that but when Ben found out he said no way José to that fact being on the show and demanded it be removed from the footage. When the show’s host, Henry Louis Gates Jr emailed Sony’s chief about the demands he was told to “take it out if no one knows”.

In the end the show “focused on what we felt were the most interesting aspects of his ancestry — including a Revolutionary War ancestor, a 3rd great-grandfather who was an occult enthusiast and his mother, who marched for Civil Rights during the Freedom Summer of 1964.”

Yeah, that info about his 3rd great grandfather being an occultist was okay!!!!

Seriously? Has the world not revolved enough for people to go, “that was 100/200 years ago and has absolutely nothing to do with me or my family now. It’s history, not present.”

Seriously people, pull your god damn heads out. I have German blood and for all I know in my ancestors history there’s a Jew killing Nazi. I don’t care. I seriously don’t. I cannot go back, I cannot change it, it is not relevant to my life here and now.

Get the fuck over it and god I hope the Batman Superman movie is halfway decent.

Last but not least, Sam Smith did a recent interview on our 60 Minutes and said that being called fat was worse than being called a faggot. In fact, he doesn’t care about being called a faggot. He talks about it in the video from 7:30.

Two things about this.

1 - In England, there is also a meatball called a faggot so there could be confusion as to whether the name calling was about him being a faggot cause he’s gay, or because they thought he was fat like a meatball.

2 - I’m over “fat shaming”.

It seems fat shaming is the new thing to accuse people of. As far as I remember Sam was not overly fat. He’s tall so he could pull it off, and having testosterone means he could burn it off faster anyway. Now he’s slimmer. Big deal.

However, Sam has more of an issue and was more upset at being called fat.

Hell, I was called a slut at school, it made me angry and sad at the time and just pisses me off now but I wouldn’t bother wasting time worrying about what others think of you. They suck, anyway. 

That's the Catch Up for this week folks, tomorrow is Anzac Day, lest we forget.

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  1. I remember hearing about that Ben Affleck thing. It was pretty silly. It's not like HE did it.


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