Friday, February 13, 2015

LJD'S WEEKLY CATCH UP: The Walking Dead, Forever, Politics and some author called Chuck Wendig.

ooohhhooohhhhhh it's friday the 13th ooohhhoooohhh let's get on with it.

1 - We had a vote to have an election spill at the beginning of this week. The Liberal party voted 61 to 39 in favour of keeping Tony Abbott as Prime Minister and not having a spill.

Morning shows tried doing their live crosses from Parliament house only to be drowned out by the fucking aboriginals waving their flags and screaming about deaths in custody and stolen children. The cops moved in too late. They allowed the idiots to get right up behind the show’s stage and I would have been worried for my life having them so close.

2 - Survivors of The Lindt Café siege have been on TV. Channel nine had one lot, channel seven the other. None of them crying, none looking overly emotional. Channel nine was advertising their interview three weeks after xmas and this only happened a week before xmas.

If I had a gun in my face I would be too traumatized to go on TV, yet they clearly aren’t. One had her nails neatly manicured and painted and her fake hair colour matched her fake tan.

In fact, it all looked a touch fake to me. No tears, no nothing. So much for being traumatised.

And what I don’t get is why some people’s first thoughts after something happens are “let’s get on TV and talk about it”. Why is that more important than recovering from the experience you’ve just had?

I don’t get it. I really don’t get why a TV show or magazine interview comes first and foremost.

3 - The Walking Dead premièred this week with what could be seen as a boring episode. There was no focus on what had happened to Beth, no Maggie grieving, no tears shed, and the funeral was for Tyreese not Beth. It’s like an episode was left out and we go from them being outside of the hospital to suddenly taking Noah home to see his family. Too much info left out for my liking.

And how did Noah’s kid brother get out of his room to bite Tyreese in the first place? We saw him look to his left and saw the shadows at the bottom of the door but the door was clearly closed. How did a zombie kid open a door? Does this mean they can do more than just bite now? Who knows? But Noah certainly had no issue with stabbing his kid brother in the head. And where did the guy in the bathroom come from? Surely he would have been able to walk out at the sound of the door opening and closing, yet this zombie seemed to wait until not only had Tyreese been bitten and the kid killed, but Noah yelling and running off for help. Too much time passed for a normal zombie to leave it until he decided to come out.

The other lack of continuity was how they put Tyreese into the car. He went in feet first, his head was on the right passenger side, yet when he dies and they pulled him out, they pulled him out head first. Not possible and I noticed it right away. 

And how did they kill him? There was no visible head wound when he was in the ground, no blood, his hat not on his head covering any wounds. How did they stop him turning?

4 - Forever started two nights ago here in Aus and while I’m a bit over TV cop dramas, the twist helps move it along. And Ioan Gruffudd isn’t too bad to look at either. What annoys me about shows is they shoot first ask questions later. Why did she need to arrest him because she found out he was on the train? She had no evidence what-so-ever that he was involved with anything but instead of simply going around there herself they issued a warrant. And I didn’t think they could enter without serving that warrant to the store/home owner otherwise the search would be illegal. Either way, that was stupid. And continuity had an issue in this show too, just a pity the person in charge doesn’t notice their errors.

5 - In the battle with my weight I’ve decided to try Zumba. I bought a box set off ebay and will be starting on Monday in the morning before breakfast. God help me.

6 - Quote of the week goes to Chuck Wendig. It’s only a part of the conversation he was having but it says so much. Check the full article here.


  1. Judging by your other posts ... point number 5 makes a lot more sense. If you are overweight and unhappy please try not to let that affect the way you view the world and speak to other people... that kind of negativity is more unattractive that the extra weight you hold on your body.

    1. And which other posts would they be since this year's posts have been different to every other years. Get your story straight.

      Second, my weight HAS ABSOLUTELY NO AFFECT ON HOW I SEE THE WORLD so who the fuck are you to assume shit like that.

  2. Also... Zumba is fairly useless. You want to starting lifting weights and increasing your muscle mass. This will increase your BMR and allow you to burn more calories during exercise. Most peo

    1. I take it you also replied above, again, you're assuming I've done nothing else so don't assume you have any idea when you can't even use your own name and have to be anonymous.

  3. Most people trying to lose weight fall into the habit of solely doing cardio... this is the wrong way about it and is a short term fix. Lifting weights and increasing muscle mass is the long term fix... trust me... it is my expertise.

    1. Well smart arse, if it's your expertise tell me why all the years I lifted weights it didn't do jack? What's that? Because everyone's different and will lose weight via different ways. Yeah, like I need you telling me when you can't even use a real name. Ain't no expertise there.


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