Friday, February 20, 2015

LJD'S WEEKLY CATCH UP: Prisoners, Now You See Me and The Block

Not a lot happened this week. Between the weather being a stinker, family rocked up that I didn't really want here. That is an emotional merry-go-round I do not want to get back on but sadly, cannot get away from.

So I caught up on some movies I’d yet to see and the difference was spectacular.

Prisoners with Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal was 153 minutes too long. I knew the basic outline of the movie but it dragged on so long I was bored within minutes and had to fast forward. 

What shits me about this movie (spoilers) is 1 - why didn’t Hugh fight back with Melissa’s character. I mean my God, he was twice her size and could have overpowered her. 

and 2 - did Jake’s character find him? Talk about karma. He holds a guy prisoner and now he's one.

This movie could have done with heavy editing and the other night when Ruby Sparks came on tv, I realised it was the same actor that was being held captive by Hugh.

The second movie was Now You See Me. I had wanted to see this since it came out but was too lazy to. A great movie that had me guessing until the end and I do love Mark Ruffalo, didn’t see that one coming.

Magic is always a treat to watch, leaving you scratching your head as to how things are done. I loved the part where Jesse's character was handcuffed and being interviewed and then poof, his handcuffs were on Mark's character.

I’ve started updating my self-publishing book so it can come out in paperback this year. I published it in March of last year and it's now being updated for re-issue in a month or two. Can’t wait to see it in print. 

The problem with non-fiction books like this, about things that are constantly changing, is that the details need constant updating. Thankfully though the details from the last two years are still pretty much the same and not a lot needed to be updated. Stay tuned for more details in the next few months.

This week on The Block, past contestants came back for another try at the prize. Bec and George and Matt and Kim from Skyhigh, and bitch-faced mole Dea and stupid ex-footballer husband who's also ten years younger than her Darren who were only on the last series.

The three previous couple all competed against each other and bitch-faced mole Dea and Darren won. Like we need or want THEM back for another season. Everyone on the Facebook page kicked up a stink and said they were boycotting, unfollowing, never watching the show again, it was a rort, it was rigged etc. She's a hateful narcissistic bitch who thinks the whole fucking world revolves around her.


She's already attacked the other contestants who look rather bewildered by the attack. It's best that they just stay the hell out of her way and not have anything to do with her. If I was on the show and she rocked up, I'd walk off because if I didn't I'd punch her in the head until it was bloody.


  1. I feel that if you truly want to shed your weight you need to be proactive about it. Don't kid yourself and buy a Zumba DVD that will collect dust.... and don't make catching up with cinematic viewing while lazing on a couch and eat food a must-do.

    Get outside. Join a gym. Be open and compassionate to those around you... even (and especially) family. Most of all, be compassionate to yourself. You know deep down what is healthy and not healthy for you... but you make the bad decisions because you don't care enough about yourself. You need to improve that self worth, get up off that couch and start living. Really living.

    1. First off, you couldn't even use your name, second, I made absolutely NO MENTION of exercising in this post., so keep up with what your commenting on.


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