Friday, February 6, 2015

LJD'S WEEKLY CATCH UP: Holidays, Auditing, Tv Shows and Bullshit!

Where do I start? With Dec first of course. Holiday Time!

Even though I was officially on holiday from LJD, two of my books still needed finishing. I finally got my designer to update my covers for Lotto and London. I’m LOVING the cover of London so much that when I saw the finished product my huge smile hurt my face. London was completely overhauled. New cover pic, new blurb, new inside. Lotto had a mini overhaul. Same layout, just a little sparkle to add to the comedy aspect. Check them out here.

And since I wasn’t blogging for two months that meant there was now time for paperwork. Yep, even though I wasn’t blogging I still had the normal yearly paperwork to do. Between updating my Nancy Drew collection paperwork (catching up on everything I’ve bought in the last four year (coz it had been that long since I’d done it)), I also had my yearly cost diary to write out (I keep a list of everything I buy), I also had my daily money diary to add up for the year. God I spend a lot!

Then there was my wardrobe audit. I had started auditing my wardrobe in the beginning of November I was so excited about it (I normally do it late Nov/early Dec), as I was planning on overhauling everything, containers, drawer dividers, new velvet hangers. I loaded up box after box because I also decided to overhaul and clean out other cupboard and containers, as well as my cds and music cupboard, so there was a big box of those and you can read more here.

Sadly, before xmas, we had an ISIS shooting in Sydney. Hell came to terrorise The Lindt Café in Martin Place when one arsehole decided to take hostages in the name of Muslims and ISIS. Most of the hostages ran out but two left at the end were shot and killed. It went on for 17 hours and we still don’t know why our cops weren’t told to shoot to kill. But anytime he went near a window he had a hostage with him. We found out who he was afterwards, after the cops shot him dead thankfully, and it turns out that not only was he on the cops terrorist list but he was also up on charges of attempted murder while his miserable Muslim bitch of a wife or girlfriend was up on murder charges for the murder of his wife. Yes, the arsehole got his girlfriend to kill his wife. Fucking arsehole! Now, sadly, it turns out our tax dollars paid for his funeral because even his mother didn’t want him. Although his mother got her face on TV and basically agreed with what he was doing.

Xmas eve had the second of xmas carols shows and mum and I sat and ate our mini spread of goodies for a few hours until we went to bed. I had xmas day off, although I ended up re-hanging my clothes on their new hangers. I spent more time thoroughly cleaning my closet more than anything last year, and into this year, than anything else. It was probably a long time coming. Clothes I’d had for 20 - 25 years knew it was time to go and they got loaded into the boxes. 

Then New Year’s came along and while I normally don’t do resolutions due to knowing they will never be fulfilled and I end up doing them through the year anyway (matter of slotting them into the appropriate time in the year), so I had no idea one was going to hit me like a lightning bolt.

No more black clothes.

Yep, I have so many black clothes that I decided to buy no more. Only my fave colours or multi coloured in my fave colours.

I spent the next three weeks cleaning out my mum’s wardrobe, still purging my closet and generally having a thorough cleanout. We finally offloaded 7 boxes last week. You can read more here.

Then came Australia Day.

Ugh, as much as I love my country and don’t give a toss about what happened over two hundred years ago, I am sick to fucking death of the bleeding hearts that now bang on about calling it “Invasion Day”, merely for the fact white people invaded black people on an island in 1788.

Big fucking deal!

What happened back then (we celebrated our centenary in 1988) is over and done with, we cannot go back and change it and certainly don’t give a toss now. What really shits me though is the fact dumb as shit white men keep giving aboriginals huge chunks of our land because “their ancestors” once lived there.

Big friggen deal!

My ancestors probably landed there too, being Dutch. The irony is, is that aboriginals are migrants to this country too. Science has proven that their ancestors walked across many lands when the continents were joined. They walked here, they were not born here, nor originated here, just like the white men from England who came and colonised, the aboriginals were migrants too.

Suck that shit!

They should never have been given our land. This land, this country, belongs to none of us. It was here before us, it will be here after us. It is not ours. And sure as fuck not theirs.

And then there were the Australia Day honours. Rosie Batty won Australian of the year. What has she done to deserve that honour? Not a lot.

She was the victim of domestic abuse and her son died at his father’s hands. When I read the full story I came away with two questions. Why did no one stop the father from killing his son as it was at a public cricket ground where the kids were playing? And two, why did she allow her ex to take her son more than five feet from her side? She was afraid for her safety and her sons’, and even though her ex had visitations rights, they were at a public place. She allowed her ex to remove her son from her sight, and that is the choice she will have to live with.

But wait, she doesn’t, because strangely, while shedding tears and anger soon after, they quickly disappeared. She came across as hard, abused others when they didn’t feel sorry for her or agree with her, and can be quite cold. She will still verbally attack people for saying she was at fault because she clearly doesn’t blame herself in any way, shape or form.

I don’t know how many times I have heard experts say that women will protect their children with one hand tied behind their back and fight like a tiger, but in reality, many women seem incredibly useless. Many women actually hurt or kill their children, not protect them. Many simply stand by while their partner hurts or kills their children, staying in relationships because of some desperate need to be loved and thinking that no one else will love them. Well how about fucking getting some self-respect and self-love and going without a man for the sake of your children?

And then of course some of my fave TV shows came back from hiatus. Yes, even though I’m here in Aus and we don’t get every show after it’s aired in the US, I do watch many online. Castle P.I., Grimm, Chicago Fire, Arrow, The Flash all came back and now I’m just waiting on the Walking Dead, Z Nation (which I got into) and Agents of Shield. We’re also getting Stalker and Forever this year on TV but I’m wondering if I should just watch those online as well, binge watch so I can see it all in one hit. We’re also getting How To Get Away With Murder but I started watching that last year and stopped at ep 3, too much going on for my brain to deal with.

All of our reality shows hit within a week of each other. Our version of I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, which bombed due to the shit nature of the d-grade celebs and why in God’s name we need Marcia Brady on our version I don’t know, started on Sunday night for the first time ever. Then there was The Block and My Kitchen Rules. Most of these shows will go for 5-6 days a week and, being on different channels are all up against each other so no one knows what to watch. Personally, I hate all three. I’ve only ever watched one season of The Block but not since, and last year they had the biggest bitch in Dea that there is no way I’m watching it this year.

And last but not least, last week my brother and his de facto wife decided after 15 years of running away from family to see supposedly both me and mum, but I just wasn’t interested. I’m not interested in bullshit and excuses, in loud mouths and liars. I stayed in my office but heard most of what got said as my brother talks so loud. All I heard was what I said would happen, 15 years of bullshit. It’s like 15 years has never gone past. While I don’t hold a grudge, I have a long memory. And I’m not interested in people who lie, contradict themselves and treat me like shit.

Mum gets sucked back in but then she has proven time and time again that she treats her other children better than me, even though I’m the stupid bitch looking after her. She had a real issue with me not wanting to see or talk to them, but different generations see things differently. After 30 years of Oprah and Phil, I know I don’t have to talk to any damn one, regardless of them being family. Problem now is, they think they can waltz back anytime and as I told mum, I’m not playing maid so she’ll have to do it herself. She also didn’t want to tell them that I wasn’t interested in seeing them, so I’m not sure what she actually told them. Although I told my sister-in-law I wasn’t interested when she said hello. At 40, I have no problem with not wanting to see people.

Well, that’s a big catch-up for the last two months. I’ll be blogging weekly about all the things going on. Stay tuned for next week. Same Diva Time, Same Diva Channel.


  1. Your views on Aboriginals and "their ancestors" are repulsive and extremely uneducated. Do some reading.. REAL reading. The issues are still going on today... it has not been and gone as you think. Typical white privilege point of view.

    1. Actually arsehole, it's scientific fact and I'm not about to buy into any of bullshit they spin today. If you don't like my opinion fuck off, you were already too gutless to use your real name. Pft!


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