Monday, November 24, 2014

How To Get Away With Murder is coming to Australia yet it's already bored me shitless!

How To Get Away With Murder intrigued me when I saw it on Entertainment Tonight, so I tracked down somewhere online to watch it and got through the first three episodes before realising I could do without it.

The jumping back and forth bored me shitless and turned me off. As much as I love a good murder and the part where her husband turns up dead and it could be her students that did it reeled me in, it got old, fast. 

I'd rather read a synopsis of each episode and then I'd still know what happened without having to sit through it.

The students are annoying, especially miss bitchy pants (the black girl, can't even remember her name), the guys are annoying, the other chick is annoying and slept with Frank, ugh, the blond chick is in love with Viola's husband and she's doing the dirty with a cop. And does anyone else think that wig on her is horribly awful? Her real hair is so much better and makes her look so much younger and gorgeous. That wig just makes her look....short...


I'm over it, as I said, rather read a synopsis.

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