Monday, November 3, 2014

HOW I WON LOTTO is getting an update!

For those who have thought of purchasing HOW I WON LOTTO in print, it is temporarily out of print at Amazon.

When I first published Lotto, this was the cover and it has not changed, so, I thought I'd retire the old version and go for a new look.

The main reason is that when I first published I picked a size I thought was right, turns out, it wasn't right for expanded distribution so that meant it wasn't available in other stores, so, by retiring the old one, and setting up a new one so it has a new ISBN etc, and you need to set up an entirely new page on Amazon, that means it will now be the correct size to sell through to other stores.

That's one of the big bugbears that Amazon has. It gives you many sizes to pick from but doesn't tell you they won't be available for expanded distribution and sales to other stores. So make sure you check it out thoroughly if you're self publishing.

I am getting an updated cover, size and inside format done for the book but that won't be available until the end of November.

I'll be doing the same to London then as well and will update all the links on the book pages here on the site as they come through. That means more places to buy them at, yay!

Until then, you can still buy the Kindle and Smashwords editions of Lotto as they've had the inside updated and are just awaiting covers, but that won't affect anything.

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