Friday, November 28, 2014

2014 in Review

As another year comes to an end the only thing I can think of is it was shit!

Were there any good parts? Not that I remember.

Were there any bad parts? The world was full of them.

We've lost so many celebs this year to death that the in memoriam segments of awards ceremonies are going to be chock full and run quite long.

We've had so many crashes, especially Malaysian, wars started, bombs dropped, countries rampaged, Russian arseholes, female celebs having their clouds rummaged through and personal photos spread across the internet like viral herpes, anger and arguments over sexism, feminism and racism, people fighting over others being mean when they're not, women bitching about other women bitching about what they're wearing, twerking, working, jerking off in public places, the world was full of shit. 

Celebs got together, broke up, separated, divorced, married, had kids, didn't have kids, bared their whole entire body on the cover of a magazine and broke the internet and burned my retinas to the point of never seeing anything ever again....Kim Kardashian.

I really don't remember anything good from this year and certainly nothing happened to me personally, hell I turned 40 not so good, so unless someone can come up with something good that happened, I'm stumped.

Maybe 2014 just wasn't meant to be a good one?


  1. Many good things happened, but when you're a sad, neurotic, lonely and bitter 40 year old... I guess you just don't see the good things.

    1. Clearly, gutless shit for brains who didn't have the guts to use a real name, you're assuming my post was based on what you saw as the fact that I was, what were the words you used, sad, neurotic, lonely and bitter.

      Fuck you you cock sucking piece of shit, I wrote it because that is how I saw the world and there were very rare happy times last year. If you don't like other people's views on the world, fuck off and hide in your little hole where you delude yourself about how fucking shit 2014 was.


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