Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Telling winners they should give their money to the losers is bloody rude and disrespectful!

On Sunday Channel 9s show, The Block, finally came to its conclusion. The auctions were done and dusted and there were winners and losers.

After months of hard work and renovations the end came with a strange twist.

Only two couples scored big, the other three got almost nothing.

After months of hard work and the lowest judging scores in The Block's history, Chris and Jenna came out of the box first to sell at $1.81 mill when their reserve was $1.5. They scored over $310,000 for themselves. 

Second were the brothers, Simon and Shannon, selling their apartment for $1.9 mill with a reserve of $1.75 mill, scoring $335,000 plus $100,000 for winning the show.

Third was Max and Karstan, with a reserve of $1.7 mill they only sold for $1.71, scoring $40,000 for themselves.

Fourth was a tie between Michael and Carlene and Deanne and Darren who only scored $10,000 each.

So the big question after all the auctions were done and dusted, and before congratulations were barely over, was to Simon and Shannon, who were asked if they'd share their winnings with those who "weren't as lucky".


Guilt trip much!!!!!!!!

What the fuck has happened to society that to appease the losers the winner must hand over their winnings to make the losers feel better?

Why in God's name would you even ask that of a winner just moments after winning?

Hosts have done the same to big lotto winners, with lines like, "you should donate it all to charity."

Uh, what about me, you know, the winner of the money?

NO ONE thinks about the utter stupidity, the rudeness or absolute disrespect of that question or comment. "You should give the losers some."

Again, why?

When you have a competition, even if it's a reality show, there is always a winner and losers. In this case, two couples struck it rich and three didn't. Although Max and Karstan got a free wedding out of it. In this case one couple came out in first place and four didn't. That does not mean they should give their hard earned and won earnings away to make the losers feel better.

Asking or telling someone to give it to the losers means you haven't even begun to think about the whole scheme of life for the winner. 

Are they poor or struggling? In which case they need the money themselves. Would the losers even accept the money? Would they feel bad about being made charity cases?

People don't consider the bigger picture when asking these stupid questions.

If I won $40 million in lotto and someone said to me, "you should give it all to charity", then I would say to them, "then I would need to get help from those charities because I would still be poor. Why should I give it to other people to live a better life and still go without myself." 

People don't think about these things when saying stupid things. To tell a poor person who just won big in lotto that they should give it all away to help other people and make them better off while still suffering themselves is fucking stupid! The question itself implies that the winner should stay shit poor and suffer for the rest of their life so they can give it away and make other people's lives better.

What has political correctness done to society, where losers must get something because it's all about participating and losing doesn't exist. That's not helping anyone in any way, shape or form to learn about the world. And raising kids to believe there are never losers, only winners, is wrong. They need to learn how to deal with not getting everything they want and losing is a part of that.

I feel sorry for Simon and Shannon, being asked that question by almost every host on every tv show in interviews afterwards. How embarrassing for them, and how fucking rude of the hosts.

Even radio stations and magazines were asking the same question on their Facebook pages, and they got a big stinking resounding NO from almost everyone.

And to all the people saying they would and the boys should, NO THE FUCK YOU WOULDN'T! When you're poor and struggling, hoping to win the comp you entered to make your life better, there's no way you'd give your hard earned money away to the losers. 

Especially bitches like Deanne who was a foul mouthed bitch the whole way through. Her and her ex-footballer arsehole of a husband only got $10,000 and it serves them right. She kept saying karma was a bitch, and yes Deanne, it certainly was. After the auction they just got up and walked out of the room without saying anything to the host.

How fucking rude!

Congrats to the boys. They're taking their builder away for a surfing holiday, probably to Bali. Considering all the hard work he put in I hope he's grateful they're doing it, especially when they don't have to.

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