Friday, October 24, 2014

Equality within a mother daughter relationship

There isn't any, especially when the daughter is caring for the mother. I don't get to go anywhere on my own unless there's no other choice. I don't get to do anything, go anywhere, meet people. I don't have a partner, kids, or a life of my own because it's taken over by her.

She treats me like a retarded five year old.

It's like I got into be one night at the age of 18 and in the morning when I got out of bed I was 40.

Where the fuck did my life go?

What the fuck happened to it?

I know what I need to do, but how is a different matter.

How do you move without money, friends, family, or support?

How do you change your life when the place you want to live is three states away, you don't have the money to move there, stay somewhere until you find a place or even buy a car with? And there's no one to rely on or stay with, no friends or family to help.

It's a daily struggle to be treated with respect, and it's a daily struggle to show her any. 

If you don't get it why show it, right?

Well, I don't care to be treated like shit everyday and I want out, but how the hell do I get out?

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