Friday, September 19, 2014

THE SUCCESS FILES: The Path to Success

The path to success is a long and arduous one and for some people it may be a never ending road. 

If you think it will be easy once you hit publish it won’t be. That’s one of the downfalls of self-publishing, you need to do it all yourself. Although these days even traditionally published authors need to spend their own money and time promoting themselves because their publisher won’t put up the cash.

That means telling everyone you come across you are a published author. Whether it’s the girls in the chemist, the book shop, your local library, and if you’ve published in print see if you can give them a copy, your local supermarket, gas station, post office, etc. Anywhere and everywhere you can talk about yourself. This is not the time to be shy. And if you are, how else will you promote yourself?

Get bookmarks, business cards, tote bags, caps, tshirts made up to wear, whatever will help you sell your wares. Go to your local writer’s centre, join groups, such as library book readings, or set one up for yourself.

You need to flog your books and your wares. As long as you’ve properly set up your book and edited, formatted and polished it to death (so you won’t be embarrassed by the lack of professionalism), then be proud to talk about your book/s. And if you plan on writing more, then do that. Add to THE EMPIRE OF YOU!

There will be no success unless you are willing to promote yourself. Unless you send your book to reviewers or ask people you know to write a review on Amazon to help boost ratings. You need to do as many things as possible. Listen to your local talk back radio station and see whether they need guests or have authors on. Talk to your local newspaper to see if they need stories and email magazines for the same reason.

The path to success does not come quick or easy. The path to success may be fraught with speed bumps and pot holes, dangers and wrong way signs. The path to success is going to take time, energy and effort from you and all you ask for help. If you’ve got family and friends willing to sell them, tell their friends or co-workers all about it, will be even better.

The path to success is going to need YOU!

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