Monday, September 8, 2014

The celebrity nude photo hacking scandal is NOT a woman only issue!

Over the last few weeks we’ve heard about the photo hacking scandal (although they're now saying it's a phishing scam) where someone hacked into the iCloud accounts of young good looking female celebs and reposted the nudie shots they’d taken of themselves.

Many came out in defence of the females, many said something else. “if you don’t want the world to see your naked shots, then don’t put them online”.

Many criticised these comments and made it a “woman” issue instead, likening it to rape, assault, telling women what to wear to be safe etc, but that’s NOT what this is about at all.

This is about a PRIVACY issue and this is not the first, nor will it be the last time it happens.

Just because the accounts of 100 female celebs were hacked, and I’d love to see that list because they’ve only talked about a few in particular, does not mean that men, children, adults have not been hacked also.

This is about privacy online. Period!

Phishing is only slightly different to hacking but the intent is still the same, and really, after all these years of being told, why do you STILL give your details? Delete the email and contact the company personally about it in case it's not a scam. By emailing them yourself you're making it extra safe in case one of those emails contains a virus, but back to hacking.

Over the last few years we have told teenagers not to send naked pics of themselves to boyfriends or post them online for the world to see. Not only will your boyfriend get into trouble, he may also end up on the sex offender registry. Now, unfortunately, no one is teaching youngsters these things and putting them on the sex registry is harsh when they are just teens themselves.

The police, lawyers, professional experts have all said, TO THE WORLD, if you don’t want something on the internet, don’t post it.


Why do humans need to be told a million times before they learn to take care of themselves?

I don’t care if you take naked shots of yourself, but the safety of those photos is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. How many women have complained about an ex/boyfriend sending the photos you sent to him to all of his friends, or posting it on the net? Who sent him that pic in the first place? YOU DID!

How many times are we told, don’t put anything online that potential bosses might see as it could ruin your career? How many times have we heard stories of people being fired for what they do on social media? How many times are you going to get it through your thick stupid Gen Y heads that YOUR SAFETY, that YOUR PRIVACY is YOUR BUSINESS.

It is not up to anyone else to protect you, you must protect yourself.

So the point is, take the photos, take as many as you want, but if you upload to an online service, or keep them in your phone or pc, it WILL be hacked, looked at by people using your phone or computer, and, God forbid, if you lose your phone or pc, the world will see it.

Privacy is YOUR business and YOU must protect yourself instead of whinging and whining.

This is not a female issue just because it was female celebs that got hacked so stop making it one. It is a worldwide human issue because it happens to everyone of any age, sex, race or religion that uses phones and computers.

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