Tuesday, September 2, 2014

MIXED MESSAGES: Women Make Themselves Feel Guilty

This post is an excerpt from my book, Why Positivity Can Be A Bad Thing!

Women are also putting pressure on themselves from the mixed messages magazines are constantly spouting about new diets and ways around losing your “mummy tummy”. That big load of fat that you get left over from having a kid. They make you think you need to be home with the baby and dieting and exercising for hours and then tell you to just enjoy it and not worry about it. All because they constantly publish pictures of celebrities about how fabulous they looked just days and weeks after giving birth. It also makes me wonder if these celebrities are starving themselves before, during and after the baby.

First off, mothers’ guilt does not exist except in your own head. You are the one putting guilt on yourself for the way you’re having and raising your kid so stop blaming other people. The same goes for the pressure you claim magazines, celebrities and the internet is putting on you to lose weight quickly and spring back to a size nothing because that’s the “norm”.

The garbage from magazines and TV shows is atrocious, I’ve already stated that, but then it comes down to you and the mixed messages you are putting in your own head. You see a celebrity post a selfie on Instagram and she’s all slim and thin after having a baby two weeks prior. She did it because she could, because she was entitled to do so, and probably because she was insecure, immature or a narcissist seeking attention and praise to boost her deflated insecure, immature ego. What you turn around and then do to yourself is your own fault, and you need to take responsibility for the pressure you put on yourself and the accusations you make about the celebrity.

These celebrities are not telling, or even demanding, that you look like them. They were more than likely thin to begin with, living the high life of a celebrity or starving themselves, and will look thinner after having a baby. But that does not give you the right to blame them for your insecure and immature feelings of inadequacy. The only person putting pressure on you to look like them is YOU. These celebrities don’t know you from a bar of soap and are not even remotely thinking about you and the fact you don’t look like them.

Take responsibility for your own thoughts and get rid of that stupid bullshit pressure you’re putting on yourself to look like bloody celebrities, and if you’ve had enough of it, then stop buying the magazines who preach it and stop following the bloody celebrities you’re desperately trying to look like and emulate. Live your own bloody life and stop trying to live someone else’s because you are not someone else. You are you and that’s all there is to it. Learn to understand how your body works and stop believing the bullshit that someone else's body is the same as yours. Concentrate on yourself, your body and your baby, and stop worrying about other people, especially other people that don’t care about you.

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