Monday, September 1, 2014

MIXED MESSAGES: Why Some Magazines Should Be Abolished

Since I released Why Positivity Can Be A Bad Thing! this year, I've decided to do a week's worth of edited excerpts from the book, starting with why some women's magazines should be abolished.

The picture is from an episode of the X-Files and suits this post to a T, I think.

Every day TV shows, radio programs, magazines and newspaper columns judge people on what they do, say, think, feel, act, wear, because that’s what the human race does, especially gossip columns and TV shows, pulling apart what all the celebrities wear to functions. 

One week we should love ourselves, love what we look like, love our shape, our size, our lumps and bumps, our hair, our skin, our stretch marks, our scars, our lines and wrinkles, our grey hair, our lack of hair, our skin colour, our race, our sex, our religion. #nofilter on Instagram because you should go without make-up to show the world how fabulous you are in your bare skin. We should just be ourselves and everything will be all right. 

But here’s the bullshit. It’s a big fat trailer load of fucking crap, that’s what it is!

Why is it a big fat trailer load of fucking crap?

Because of the issue right after they preach to us about loving ourselves.

The next issue is always one where they’re telling us about the latest diet, acne cream, fake tan, teeth whitener, sex position, concealer, cover up, bathers, clothes, underwear, shape wear, best fitting jeans and which celebrity “just lost” ten kilos with a great new diet and how this diet will work for us because we always have that “pesky” ten kilos to lose.

Because we’re just too fucking fat and shit ugly to exist in the world apparently.

That’s the message society is actually sending all of us. 

I personally think many women’s magazines should be shut down as all they do is preach to and teach women they’re not good enough and never will be good enough as the person they are, the person the Universe created and as the person they are living as.


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