Wednesday, September 3, 2014

MIXED MESSAGES: Sexualizing Girls is Wrong But Women Can Thrust and Twerk

Part three of my Why Positivity Can Be A bad Thing! book excerpts.

Here’s a big mixed message. It’s not okay for a child, say an eleven-year-old, to thrust or grab her crotch in a music video, or wear skimpy or no clothes in a photo shoot because it’s morally wrong and is sexualizing children and how dare the adults do that to this child.

However, who are their adult role models that they see on constant rotation?

Miley Cyrus, Rhianna, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé. All girls or women who thrust their crotch and tits on a daily basis and get their clothes off for publicity and attention.

Of course it’s different for them to flash their tits and crotch at us because they’re adults. They’re being artistic. They are on stage doing it. Never mind the fact most of us may not actually want to see their private bits and turn off in disgust. And thrusting yourself or rolling around naked on stage or in a video is NOT empowering women. If anything it disempowers women because if they have to stoop that low to get attention then what does it say to the rest of the world in how we treat them? What we call them? Skanks? Tarts? Whores? Is that how you want to be known if you roll around naked and call it entertainment?

This is a BIG mixed message. That children cannot thrust or gyrate but it’s okay for adults to do it because they are an adult and “allowed” to do it and the child is not.

Great role models, hey. The public thinks it’s okay for Beyoncé, Lady Gaga or Rhianna and Shakira to roll around near naked in videos or on stage because it shows how fit and fabulous they are, but a child is not. A child is not allowed to do anything that might “make” her be an adult too soon because some deviant might decide to do bad things to her....because deviants don't do anything to adult women...

It does nothing but teach our children HOW to flaunt themselves and undress for attention. Is that what you want for the children who are the adults of the future? It’s bad enough that young teen girls are getting pregnant or STDS because no one’s actually teaching them about the consequences of sex, and their only role models are the skanky naked females in music videos who are thrusting themselves for attention and simulating sex with strange men in the back of cars because that’s what it takes for a woman to sell herself and make money these days, because apparently any kind of “normal” office job is soooo last century and the only jobs these days are trashy hookers in music videos.

How bloody say is that?

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