Friday, September 5, 2014

MIXED MESSAGES: The Bloody Bully Bandwagon

The final excerpt from my book, Why Positivity Can Be A Bad Thing!, in paperback and e-book everywhere.

Let me jump on the bully bandwagon that’s been happening over the last few years.

You jump onto someone’s web page, blog, Facebook, Twitter, you leave a comment that you think is a simple and rather boring comment to make and then someone says you’re being mean or a bully. You wonder why they would call you that when you didn’t insult anyone, didn’t criticise anyone, didn’t even use a swear word in your comment.

The only reasons you’ve been called a bully is because they don’t agree with you or like your comment. It’s that simple. They didn’t like your comment so they don’t like you, even if they don’t know or follow you. That is why everyone that comments with an opinion, good or bad, smart or stupid, is dumped into what I have come to name the “bully basket”.

That is the basket that everyone who dares to say something different to what others agree with gets dumped into because people don’t like your opinion. People don’t like your comment, people don’t like the way you look, what you say, what you think about, as long as it’s not to their approval they will declare you a bully and dump you in the bully basket.

And that is probably THE BIGGEST mixed message going online the last few years.

An added extra not in the book: I am fucking sick to bloody death of it and know the world would be a better place if everyone shut the fuck up, minded their own business, and got on with their own fucking lives.

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